Don’t You Dare: Wearing Too Much Makeup



It’s possible to wear a full face of makeup without looking like you tried on each and every product at the MAC counter. We just need to set some cardinal rules. Let’s go!

Foundation: To avoid a foundation overdose, only apply foundation where you need it using a foundation brush (like MAC #190) or a makeup wedge. To find the proper foundation formula for you, check out Foundation 101.

Powder: Try a loose powder instead of a compact that can tend to look cakey if not applied properly. MAC’s #187 brush is a perfect tool to apply powder with since its design makes it virtually impossible to OD. Plus, you can also use #187 for liquid foundation, creme foundation, blush (creme and powder), bronzer, shimmer–it’s a total multi-tasking tool!

After applying your powder, give your face a few spritzes of MAC Fix+ Spray. This aqua spritz of vitamins and minerals helps to avoid the “cakey” powder look. Use it throughout the day to touch-up your makeup and add radiance to your skin.

Blush: The 80s have made a comeback in a major way in fashion, but 80s makeup? Not so much. A little goes a long way when it comes to blush, but if you happen to apply your blush with a heavy hand, blot some of it off with a tissue and then dust loose powder over it. You’ll get more of a “glowing from within” look instead of a Bozo the Clown look.

For tips on which blush colors work best on your skin tone, check out Blush 101. And for tips on how to apply blush according to your face shape, check out Blush Application from Make Up For Ever.

Eyelashes: Sure, false lashes can take your eye makeup to the next level, but if you can’t see your toes because yours are so blinding, then that’s just not good. For tips on how to wear lashes the right way, check out Don’t You Dare: Obnoxious Fake Lashes and How to Get Luxurious Lashes.

Eyebrows: Not everyone is blessed with a nice set of brows, but that’s no excuse for over drawn eyebrows (or even worse—shaving them off and penciling them in). Your brows frame your face and can even make you look younger if done correctly. Find out how to beat your brow, check out Get Beautiful Brows.

Lips: You can wear a bold lip and a bold eye, BUT the textures have to coincide. For example, a glittery eye plus glittery lips equals a glittery mess. Pair a shimmery or glittery eye with a creme or matte lip and vice versa. Frosty lipsticks (like the one rapper Lil Kim is wearing above) can be tricky to team up with a bold eye. For a shade and texture like that, keep the eyes very neutral.

For more lip tips, check out Lips 101.

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  7. Anne says:

    Great tips! I have to admit I’ve OD’d on the makeup on ocassion :x

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    Oh—but even my makeup OD wasn’t nearly as bad as Lil Kim’s in that pic you posted…lol.

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