Ask Danielle: Recommendations for a Girly Look + Outfit for Steve Madden Caryssa Pumps

The Style and Beauty Doctor reader Miss Philly writes in asking, “I’m having a bit of trouble… I want to take my wardrobe from sophisticated and boring to super girlie and fab. For the spring I want to be really girlie but I’m on a budget. I want to start purchasing small pieces one at a time. do you have any suggestions for websites?

Whenever you lovely ladies (or gents) send me an Ask Danielle email, I often ask more questions to clarify and sometimes ask you to send me pictures to help me make suggestions for you. After getting some more info from Miss Philly, I found out she’s a size 14 on the bottom and smaller on the top. This would make Miss Philly’s shape a triangle. When dressing for your body type, always go to the “ideal” shape (fashion’s words, not mine…lol) of the hourglass. In order to do this, you’ll need to dress your body in a way that helps it mimic the hourglass (defined waist with shoulders and hips about the same width). If you’re a triangle, since your top half is smaller than your bottom half, you’ll need to dress in a way that evens this out.

One item you’ll need in your closet, Miss Philly, is a gorgeous wrap dress. It works because it smooths out your bottom half and the tie at the side will create or accentuate a beautiful waistline. Plus it’s super girly, fabulous, and timeless. You can wear it with items found already in your closet like a cardigan, top it off with a cute jacket, wear it with heels or jazzy flats–the world is your oyster with a dress like this.

Kiyonna at ShopStyle

Here are some more cute examples:

Some jewelry:

And don’t forget the shoes:

Next, new reader Greer writes in asking, “I came across your blog after googling about the Steve Madden Caryssa platform shoe. I just ordered them online two days ago and am so excited about getting them! lol I was wondering what you are going to wear with the shoe though. I would love to find a dress or blouse that is like the one Malinda Williams has on with the shoes but I don’t know where to find one. Do you have any suggestions?

Greer—I’ll be wearing these hot babies with everything from skinny jeans to skirts and dresses.

Here’s my take:

And some more options:

If you want something more like Malinda Williams’ outfit

Check these options out:

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