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So it’s been a bit of a time since I reported on my live video chat experience with Prescriptives Custom Blend (who by the way if you’ve been living under a rock are now back and available online), but there was a little mix up that caused the delay. But you guys certainly don’t miss a beat because several of you tweeted, Facebooked, and emailed me asking what’s up with the goods…lol.

To recap, Prescriptives now offers Custom Blend, a service the brand offered for years that helps you find a foundation that matches your skin tone, undertone, and finish/coverage needs, but now right from the comfort of your own home. You can set up a video chat where a Custom Blend specialist will talk to you about your foundation needs. I got Erica who was such a joy, I wish she worked at a counter I could visit and stalk. After our chat Erica went to her Custom Blend sleuthing and less than 48 hours later (time can vary) came back with my Custom Blend code which I then plugged into the Prescriptives website and ordered my shade.

prescriptives custom blend foundation

My Custom Blend arrived less than a week later, but it was too light. I went for the additive that gives you a bit of a J. Lo glow and I think it was making the foundation too sheer and too light for me. But this is not a problem because Prescriptives will and did replace it. I explained to Erica that maybe this time around let’s take out the Jennifer Lopez factor and go a shade deeper. She then went back and gave me the coordinates for my new Custom Blend which I was supposed to enter into the Prescriptives website but I misunderstood up and didn’t realize that so there’s where the delay came in.

When I got my new match, it was perfect in formula and finish—slightly matte, medium coverage, and it came with a little travel-size sample of my Custom Blend, but it was a smidgen too light (okay maybe more than a smidgen since my sister told me I looked like Little Richard).

While I decided to end the process there, it doesn’t have to if you decide to get Custom Blend. Prescriptives is really adamant about getting the process right and urges you to continue working with their beauty advisors until they get it right or in a worst case scenario that doesn’t happen often, you can get your money back. I never paid for mine because of this story so there was no money to return back…lol.

prescriptives custom blend 2

Bottom line: All in all, I still think this process is great for anyone who has a hard time getting a good foundation match or if you live far away from a beauty counter. I’m not sad about my Custom Blend because I actually have a off-the-shelf Prescriptives match that I wore back when they had counters (which I of course now can’t remember the shade, but I’m Extra Dark in the Camouflage Cream). The love is still there :)

Price and where to buy: $65 at

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  2. My Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation by @StyleNBeautyDoc

  3. New Blog Post: My Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation

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  5. RT @stylenbeautydoc: New Blog Post: My Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation

  6. Bonita says:

    That sucks that you didnt get a perfect match, i wish they would bring the products back to macys so we could get matched in person

    • Danielle says:

      I could go back and get a better match though. They want to make sure it’s 100% right. I just personally didn’t need to go back and forth since I don’t really have a huge issue with getting foundation to match my skin. I still recommend giving it a try if you have issues finding foundation :)

  7. RT @Prescriptives: RT @stylenbeautydoc: New Blog Post: My Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation

  8. RT @Prescriptives: RT @stylenbeautydoc: New Blog Post: My Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation

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