New Milani Color Statement Lipstick!

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milani color statement lipstick

Dear readers, I didn’t mean to, but I have been holding out on you. See when Milani sent over the new Color Statement Lipsticks for me to tell you all about them, I had about two days left in my stint in Georgia, but the lipsticks were sent to me at home in NYC. Then last week, oh my last week, I mean you saw how little I posted last week, but it was ROUGH getting back into my groove. I had five other huge boxes of press-related beauty samples to open and wanted nothing more but to sleeeeeep. But I’m sorry. I shall never hold out on the goods. OK—I’ll try not to.

milani color statement lipstick 4

Anyway, so as if Milani’s Color Perfect lipstick wasn’t already awesome (Berry Rich was like my road dawg for MONTHS) for being super pigmented and having a wide range of bold and neutral shades that DIDN’T smell like drugstore lipstick, the brand decided to get all Beyoncé on us and kick things up a notch with Color Statement Lipstick.

milani color statement lip liner

milani color statement lipliner true red, bude swatches on dark skin

So what’s the difference? Same great colors as before but in in a new and improved formula, upgraded packaging, and an even better scent. Plus they’ve added new Color Statement Lipliner which is quite creamy and blendable.

Onto the lipsticks again.

milani color statement lipstick 2

milani color statement lipstick 3

#01 Sweet Nectar (a cream with a touch of shine) is a bold tangerine. It works on just about every skin tone, but you definitely have to be the type of orange girl to rock it. It went well with my skin tone, but I’m not a huge orange girl myself.

#03 Orange-Gina (pearl) is another bold tangerine but with a pearl finish. It reminds me of a sunset! This one can be a little tough to wear, but if you like a frostier bold lipstick, go for it.

milani color statement lipstick sweet nectar, orange-gina, high voltage swatches on dark skin

#04 High Voltage (vinyl) has the effect of what you get when you apply gloss over a creamy lipstick. It’s a true bright red that would suit most skin tones.

#05 Red Label (cream with a touch of shine) is a blue-red that best suits those with cooler undertones.

#06 Cherry Crave (metallic) is a pinky-red with a metallic finish. Like Orange-Gina it has a frostier type of finish but I find it to be more wearable. It’s definitely not an everyday lipstick, but it’s great to pull out for a night out or if you’re a makeup artist, on a photo shoot.

milani color statement lipstick red label, cherry crave, best red swatches on dark skin

milani color statement lipstick best red, ruby valentine swatches on dark skin

#07 Best Red (matte) is a blue-red with a touch of pink. It’s not as bright or as flat of a finish as Ruby Woo nor does it have as much blue to it. It’s a great red that will work on most skin tones and it’s matte without being overly drying.

#08 Ruby Valentine (vinyl) which at first seemed very similar to High Voltage but it has slightly more blue in it.

The lipsticks are long-wearing. I got about six hours in before they started to fade, but since these are all bold shades, you have the added insurance of them leaving a stain for hours after that so you have some color on your lips.

Overall these were good quality lipsticks at great prices. I could go either way with Milani’s lipsticks—they were nice as Color Perfect and nice as Color Statement although I do prefer the scent of Color Statement.

Where to buy: CVS, Target, Walgreens, Walmart, Kmart,

Price: This will vary depending on the store and your location, but I typically see them around $4-5 at Target and as much as around $8 at Walgreens in Manhattan. The Duo Sharpener and Color Statement Lipliners are $3.99 each.

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  1. New blog post: New Milani Color Statement Lipstick!:

  2. New Blog Post: New Milani Color Statement Lipstick!

  3. New Milani Color Statement Lipstick! by @StyleNBeautyDoc

  4. Stephanie says:

    SOO glad you blogged on this. The lippies are gorg!! I went to hood Walgreens (chuckles) today and got the very last of Sweet Nectar. LOVE this color and cannot wait to wear it when it gets a little warm. It smells like Jolly Ranchers or something fruity to me. Major plus! P.S. I really dont see a difference between the reds tho. :\

    • Danielle says:

      LMAO @ hood Walgreens. Yes, they do smell like Jolly Ranchers!!!

      There a slight nuances to the reds. Some read more blue than others and then there’s the differences in finishes.

  5. Dobe says:

    Awesome! I lost my Morange about a year ago, with just a few wears out of it. I’ll give Sweet Nectar a try… thanks!

  6. @Phylly0309 @milanicosmetics Sweet Nectar is pretty:

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