Make Up For Ever Releases SEVENTY-SIX Brushes in the Artisan Brush Collection: I’ll Tell You About Them ALL


I love this time of year—it’s like second to holiday with all the new beauty and fashion launches! I’m like a kid stuck in an FAO Schwarz-Dylan’s Candy Bar hybrid overnight with no parental guidance…lol.

Make Up For Ever is adding to the excitement with the launch of SEVENTY-SIX new brushes in their new Artisan Brush collection. The collection which took five years in the making testing various synthetic fibers that mimic the silky softness of natural hair, brand founder Dany Sanz having a consultation with renowned brush manufacturer Raphaël on the swanky island of Mauritus to design the brushes, and 25 stages of construction that involved hand-crafting by a 30 people from start to finish.

This is serious business, ya’ll.

Make Up For Ever sent over ten of the brushes for review. I’ll update in a few weeks with a review on each one as it does take some time to give a fair judgement on something like makeup brushes, but I have the scoop on all seventy-six plus a close-up look at the ten I received.

So here’s how the brushes are categorized:
100s complexion
200s eyes
300s lips
400s artistic specially designed for professionals

Then each brush is categorized by either straight or wavy—this specific synthetic fiber technology is what differentiates this brush collection from any other.

When fibers are straight, application more generous and precise, while wavy bristles are more splayed, allowing for lighter and freer application. A unique combination of the two fiber textures gives infinite creative possibilities.

And now onto the brushes! First the ten I received and then a chart that goes through all 76 and their purpose.



































make up for ever artisan brush 1


make up for ever artisan brush 2

make up for ever artisan brush 3


make up for ever artisan brush 4

make up for ever artisan brush 5



make up for ever artisan brush 6

make up for ever artisan brush 7

make-up-for-ever-artisan-brush-16make up for ever artisan brush 8make up for ever artisan brush 9make-up-for-ever-artisan-brush-17
make up for ever artisan brush 10

make up for ever artisan brush 11

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 1.05.47 PM

make up for ever artisan brush 12



*PHEW* That’s a lot of brushes!

Select brushes will be available at Sephora stores, all brushes will be available on and Make Up For Ever Boutiques in September :)

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12 Responses to Make Up For Ever Releases SEVENTY-SIX Brushes in the Artisan Brush Collection: I’ll Tell You About Them ALL

  1. Traci aka cocobrn30 says:

    I must admit I thought they were going to be pricey due to all of the research and time put into development. Glad they’ll be affordable and I hope the give that other big name makeup company a run for their money. Can’t wait to try.

  2. Andrea says:

    I don’t even know what brush 412 does and I’m not a MUA but me want, so pretty!!

  3. Joanna says:

    My mouth dropped when I saw the 412 brush. Had me thinking I am really missing out in the makeup world till I read it’s purpose. Truth be told I am indeed missing out alot haha..thanks for keeping up to speed :)

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  5. Xtadecitrus says:

    How do they compare to it cosmetics brushes do you think? I’ve been curious about the it brushes from Ulta and MUFE from sephora because they seem to strong competitors from the two big cosmetics retailers. Thanks a lot!

    • Danielle says:


      I’d say the MUFE ones I received are pretty durable and I really like them—I’ve only had them since I got them though so can’t speak on how long they’ll last though. I have MAC brushes I bought like over 5 years ago that are still in good shape aside from the logo rubbing off and some of the handles chipping but the brushes themselves are still great. I haven’t tried the Ulta brushes so can’t compare but hopefully this helps somewhat :)

  6. Xtadecitrus says:

    Hi Danielle,

    Thanks for your reply. For that kind of price for a synthetic brush they’d better be durable and pretty =P well I was actually wondering about their performance and softness compared to the it brushes collection that you previously reviewed (no, not the one from Ulta sorry I was mistaken). So far I have 130 and 158 from MUFE but I have heard good things about the it cosmetics brushes.

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