Shea Moisture Color Corrective System {Swatches + Review}

Read ALL about my review process including how I take swatches, photos, and more here.

sheamoisture color corrective system shades

In case you haven’t taken a stroll through Instagram or Youtube or just about any beauty blog over the last year or so, contouring has hit the masses. The technique of highlighting (or bringing forward) and contouring (or receding/making smaller) one’s facial features is clearly nothing new under the sun—makeup artists and drag queens have been doing it for centuries. But the makeup trick has hit consumers and brands are of course responding by offering options to beat that face, honey.

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So SheaMoisture through their A Better Way to Beautiful Target-exclusive cosmetics line, has the Shea Moisture Color Corrective System which comes in six shades that suite women of color from fair to dark. Not one to bypass any opportunity to try ALL the makeup (in the words of Jay-Z, I do this for my culture), SheaMoisture sent over the six shades for review consideration.

Official info

Color Corrective System
This system has it all! Specially formulated with antioxidant Vitamin E and moisturizing Shea Butter to soften and condition skin with intense moisturization. Natural minerals helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while essential fatty acids provide healing and anti-inflammatory benefits. This nutrient-rich formula delivers excellent absorbency, feel and smoothness immediately upon application.
• Long wearing & Water resistant
• Contains spatula, compact to work in, concealer brush & 3 well compact
• Paraben Free& Mineral Oil Free
• Petrolatum Free

Product Form: Cream
For Use On: Face
Beauty Purpose: Concealing
Color Palette: Medium Tones
Color Family: Nude
Health Facts: Paraben-Free, Mineral Oil-Free, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free, Dermatologist Tested, Fragrance-Free, Phthalate-Free
Features: Non-comedogenic, Lightweight, Vitamin-infused, Blendable

sheamoisture color corrective system packaging

sheamoisture color corrective system packaging 3

sheamoisture color corrective system packaging 2

sheamoisture color corrective system insert directions tutorial

sheamoisture color corrective system insert 2

How to Use

I found these to work better on me as color corrector and concealer than contour kit. Not to say I couldn’t use it as a contour since the deepest shade in the Dark palette would be a perfect contour—but saying that it isn’t as easy to use these as highlight/contour because of the texture of the product. The texture of this is drier than some concealers you might come across but this is a good thing in my eyes (unless you have very dry skin, it might be a pass for you) because it allowed the concealer to last longer BUT it also means manipulating the product differently which made contouring a bit of an extra step. AGAIN, I’m NOT saying you CAN’T use these to highlight/contour, it’s just not as easy as other kits or using separate highlight/contour products.

They come with little spatulas that I highly recommend using (if you don’t have a tool of your own already) to scoop out enough product for usage. I then recommend putting the concealer from the spatula on the back of your hand to “warm” it up so the product is a little more malleable and thus easier to blend. I liked applying them with a concealer brush (essentially anything with densely packed bristles and a flatter shape—like a MAC 190 but smaller or a MAC 195—only mentioning these because you can Google image them and get similar style brushes from other brands if you want). You could also use something similar to a MAC 217 for applying under the eye area.

shea moisture color corrective system packaging
It comes with a compact you can use to house a SheaMoisture pressed powder (powder sold separately)


Wear turned out really well on me. I used the slightly orange-y color from the Deep palette to color correct a dark spot on my chin and on my forehead plus I used it to slightly brighten under my eyes. I used the second deepest shade in the Deep kit on top of the color correcting shade.

I have oily skin and only noticed some fading on the dark spot on my chin. It was completely covered when I first put it on, but after a few hours the dark spot was peeking through. It was amazing under my eyes–no creasing and no fading.


You would pick the palette that has colors closest to your skin tone—you can use the lighter and darker shades to custom create a shade. Deep was the closest to my skin tone (see what other foundation shades I wear here) and then Dark had the deeper color for my contour.

Light 1:
A very light milky beige highlight, a salmon colored corrector, and a tan contour.
sheamoisture color corrective system light 1

sheamoisture color corrective system light 1 swatches on dark skin

Light 2:
Light 2 is slightly deeper and more golden than Light 1
A light slightly pinky beige highlight, a salmon colored corrector (deeper than the Light 1 one), and a golden tan cntour.

sheamoisture color corrective system light 2

sheamoisture color corrective system light 2 swatches on dark skin

Medium 1:
A pinky beige highlight, a golden yellow corrector, and a peach brown contour.
sheamoisture color corrective system medium 1

sheamoisture color corrective system medium 1 swatches on dark skin

Medium 2:
A pinky beige highlight (pretty similar in color to the one in Medium 1), a slightly reddish tan corrector, and a light golden brown contour.
sheamoisture color corrective system medium 2

sheamoisture color corrective system medium 2 swatches on dark skin

A peachy brown highlight, a reddish medium brown corrector, and a reddish brown contour.
sheamoisture color corrective system in deep
sheamoisture color corrective system deep swatches on dark skin

A reddish medium brown highlight, a chocolate brown corrector, and a slightly reddish deep chocolate brown contour.
sheamoisture color corrective system dark
(Sorry the Dark is swiped—I found out after the fact that the unswiped pics I took were out of focus)

sheamoisture color corrective system dark swatches on dark skin

OK—so I know I just finished calling things highlight, corrector, and contour (because on the site it’s called SheaMoisture Color Correcting, Contouring & Highlighting Palette) but you may not use the shades exactly that way. Like for instance the “contour” in the Deep kit is lighter than what I’d normally contour with so I’d just use it to warm the perimeter of my face like I would a bronzer. But someone lighter than me could use it as a contour. Or I use the “contour” shade in the Dark kit to “contour” but someone darker than me might use that as concealer on their chin. You can also mix the shades to create your own custom color.

What you use a concealer shade for depends on what you’re concealing. I typically wear a concealer about a shade lighter than my skin tone for under my eyes, something that matches my skin more for slight discoloration, something with more of a honey undertone to cover dark spots, and very rarely do I need a color corrector but those with severe discoloration would.

Get a refresher on concealer here.

Bottom line: I’d think of this more as a customizable concealer kit than a contour kit. I thought the Shea Moisture Color Corrective System was okay—I’m glad to see such a good quality product at the drugstore level that suits so many women of color skin tones. I do have this thing though where even though I’d spend $60 on a department store foundation, I get mad at the prices of drugstore makeup…lol. I was a bit shocked these were $24.99 a piece but if you weigh in all the things it’s free of, I’m guessing it justifies the cost. I don’t know—if this were in Sephora for $24.99 I’d be all giddy for it being a steal…lol. Positioning matters.

Price and where to buy: Shea Moisture Color Corrective System is $24.99 each at select Target stores and with buy online pick up in-store available at select stores (plus 2% cash back when you use eBates)

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  1. Lily says:

    The price point is interesting! Nice swatches! Honestly I still prefer powders to contour with just because it helps the foundation stay longer. Not sure how well these will fare… we’ll see!

  2. Fancie says:

    The swatches look nice! I had a feeling these would turn out to be better for spot concealing but I’m still curious to try one.

  3. Ria R says:

    Love your detailed reviews on the products. Very helpful, i cannot wait to try them. (I am a makeup addict too) :)

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