The Products I Used When I Had Braids

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products for box braids

I got braids! I took my weave out a few weeks ago which makes my imagination run wild with hairstyle ideas and since I was also going to Iceland, I decided to get braids. I haven’t had box braids since the 90s and thankfully my regular hairstylist (and friend) Gabrielle Corney was able to hook me up. She doesn’t offer braids so I had to BEG mad hard for her to agree to it. She told me she used to work in an African hair braiding shop way back when she first got started in hair. Gabi suggested I get bigger Patra-like braids. I LOOOOVED them—there were fewer braids which made braid time go super fast and they didn’t feel heavy. Only downside was that since there were fewer braids, it was more obvious when my hair started to grow out some and get fuzzy. Also didn’t help that I slept a little wildly :/

I forgot to take pics of my braids while they were still fresh, but here’s a video compilation from my Snapchat: (warning: this video has volume)

My Braids (from my Snapchat) from Danielle Gray on Vimeo.

Ahhh I LOVED my braids! Oh, it did get cold enough in Iceland for me to wear that fur trapper hat, but only for one day while we were visiting glaciers.

Now let’s get into these products…

EDEN BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree All Natural Temple Balm

eden bodyworks peppermint tea tree all natural temple balm

Gabi used this when she was braiding my hair to keep my edges in check so I continued on using it when my hairline got a little fuzzy and needed some laying. I’d dab a little of the temple balm on my edges blending it with my fingers (it turns clear once you manipulate it) then used a mini edges brush I got from the beauty supply store for like $1 to lay my edges down. After I was done laying, I’d take a satin scarf and tie down my edges and let them set either for about 20-30 minutes or overnight depending on how much time I had.

eden bodyworks temple balm swatch

The product goes from this wax-like substance above to an oily substance once you rub it in. Below is how it looks once rubbed in.

peppermint tea tree temple hair balm

For more product info including where to buy, go here.

Cantu Shea Butter Apple Cider Vinegar Dry Co-Wash & Root Rinse

(products sent to me for review consideration)
cantu shea butter apple cider vinegar root rinse dry co wash

The Dry Co-Wash is genius! I’m no stranger to dry shampoo but definitely used them more when I had a relaxer and when I wear my natural hair straight either with weaves or all my own hair. Dry shampoos help to absorb excess oils (either caused from sebum or an OD on oily hair products) and helps to refresh the hair. I loved this for refreshing my braids and my own hair that was exposed near my scalp. I can’t wait to use it if I ever wind up heat styling my natural hair in the future.

cantu shea butter apple cider vinegar root rinse nozzle

I only wound up using the Root Rinse once but it’s great for refreshing the scalp in between wash days. I can see myself using this more when I have weave.

For more product info including where to buy, go here.

Luxe Therapy Hair Maintenance System

(products sent to me for review consideration)
luxe therapy hair maintenance system 2

I’ve been a huge fan of the Luxe Therapy Scalp Soother for the longest time. It looks like a curved pic but it’s the best thing EVER for scratching my scalp when I wear weave or other protective styles, is amazing when washing my hair while wearing protective styles (helps remove build up on the scalp), and I highly recommend it. The hair maintenance products are new to me but given how amazing the Scalp Soother is, it makes so much sense for the company to have a scalp anesthetic, shampoo, and conditioner especially for protective styles. The nozzle tip on each makes it super simple to apply product and i loved how clean but not stripped it made my scalp and the braided hair feel.

luxe therapy hair system nozzle tip

For more product info including where to buy, go here.

Pantene Gold Series Curl Defining Pudding

(product sent to me for review consideration)
pantene gold series curl defining pudding

The Pantene Gold Series is the result of bringing together African American scientists, stylists, and dermatologists to help co-create a line designed to provide strength and moisture to relaxed, natural or transitioning hair. The products smell AMAZING. I liked this Curl Defining Pudding as an aid to help refresh my hair and braids in the front. I used it to retwist some of the looser braids and as an agent to help slick down the fuzzies and fly-aways. It gave me a light hold and wasn’t flaky or hard.

pantene gold curl defining pudding

For more product info including where to buy, go here.

Annie Edge Brush

annie edge brush

I’m not sure if that’s the official name for this little handy tool, but I used it for my edges therefore to me it’s an Edge Brush…lol. The small size and the sturdiness of the bristles make it a good tool to slick down edges. You can find these for like $1 at almost any beauty supply store.

So that’s that—what products do you use when you wear braids? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Chi says:

    Thanks for these ideas! I have crochet braids in right now. I love them but am learning how to maintain them and maintain my hair underneath so your tips are helpful.

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