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Could I Have a Curated Makeup Stash?

curated makeup stash dark skin

Hey there fine folks. So first things first, this post is me thinking out loud (and typing it out on a blog that the public can read…lol) and sharing with you. I’m likely not making any major decisions soon if any—I’m just talking for now and also curious to see what you guys think about your own stashes. Leggo!


One of the MAJOR Things I Love About My 30s

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danielle the style and beauty doctor justfab over the knee boots
Talk about confidence—I took this picture on a busy street in Harlem on a Saturday on a January day without flinching…lol

Listen, I hate to gloat about this being in your 30s thing, but gurl…IT. IS. LIT. And from what I hear from my friends who are 40+, it just keeps getting better and better. Like seriously, I wish I knew how amazing my 30s would be when I was in my teens and my 20s. I’d like to think I wouldn’t have taken myself as seriously. Sure, things aren’t all roses in this decade—things like hormonal acne, body aches, and facial hair can throw a monkey wrench in one’s game, but the confidence? My confidence game is through the roof!


Can We Have it ALL?

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 1.47.04 PM

CAN we have it all? I mean, I guess this is debatable, but if you ask me: NAH, yo. lol




Happy New Year!

I hope you all rang in the new year fabulously—here’s to 2017! I wanted to start the year by letting you fine folk know about a few changes around these parts.

But since it’s been a bit since we last chatted on the blog, let’s also do a quick catch-up.


My First Year Blogging Full Time Was ROUGH


I always like to think that when I’m in my 50s and PAID that I will look back on the very first year I was freelancing and blogging full time and laugh. Or maybe laughing is too harsh—let’s say I’ll be very thankful for those days because it taught me about sacrifice. And funny—I’m writing this post and looking at the date and just realized that last week (10/15) made six years since I handed in my last resignation letter. I stayed for two weeks after (because I’m considerate, of course) and then my last day of working for someone else was October 29, 2010. A lot of folks think that move was so brave of me and some even thought I had it made. Nope.


My Day in Namur, Belgium

namur belgium

Continuing on with my European travels this summer, let’s go to Namur, Belgium!