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Here’s What You Need in Your Nighttime Skincare Routine

Photo: Nasilele Photography

It’s Sleep Awareness Week! Now there are a long list of reasons to get a good night’s sleep regularly: better productivity, better overall health, better memory, hey, even better sex. But before you hit the hay, I want to make sure your skin is well-prepped for your hours of shut-eye.


The Other Reason to Use Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm


Recently I was tasked to try out Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm which many on Youtube have been raving about as an inexpensive substitute for makeup primer. The reason it works for those enthusiastic beauty gurus is because the product contains glycerin which acts kind of like a glue to keep makeup put for hours. I side-eyed it, but since Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm *is* a product meant to go on the face (unlike Milk of Magnesia, Monistat, and whatever household items your cousins on Youtube are putting on their faces), I gave it a go. It’s also priced at $5.99 for 3.3 oz which if you’re watching your budget very closely, is still about half the price of even drugstore makeup primers.


Black-Owned Biz Holiday Gift Guide


I absolutely LOVE this time of year as I’m sure you can tell with all the holiday posts I’ve been putting up. If you missed my other gift guides, holiday outfit ideas, holiday makeup tutorials, and more, check it out here.


My Current FAVE Perfume Combo

maison francis kurkdjian oud satin mood guerlain gourmand coquin layer

I may buy generics at the grocery store and get mad when drugstore makeup is more than $10 (meanwhile I buy $60 foundations and a $90 lipstick SMH), but when it comes to perfume, I LOVE a splurge. There’s something that pricier perfumes just do for my senses and aura—it’s like I can be wearing a $10 outfit and then it automatically gets upgraded to couture the second I put on my luxury scent.


H&M to Release Eco-Friendly Beauty Line


Since the release of H&M’s massive beauty line, the retail giant is expanding their already extensive beauty arsenal with an eco-friendly collection. The company will begin to roll out a range of hair, body and skin products all made with organic ingredients as an extension to their Conscious Collection clothing line. According to H&M, the new beauty line will include over 30 different products that range between $7-$13, which is no surprise since the company is all about fabulousness on a budget. Everything from aluminum-free deodorant to shampoo will be included and all are free of GMOs, silicon, paragons, dyes and synthetic perfumes. In substitution, H&M is incorporating certified organic ingredients, essential oils and packaging the products in recycled plastic and paper.


Maisha’s Current Beauty Products of Interest

current beauty items interest

Even though it’s cold in most parts of the country (and will be for a few more months), I can not help wanting to add more floral-inspired beauty products to my collection.  You see, I adore flowers, particularly vivid red or soft pink roses.  There is something about the way they look, smell, and the way I feel whenever I receive them as a gift that makes me feel so romantically feminine.  This month all of the products on my radar are inspired by my love for roses and all things girly.