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#TSABDLips July Lip-A-Day Challenge Winners!

#tsabdlips july instagram lip challenge the style and beauty doctor

Where did July go? Sheesh. It felt like just the other day that I posted this challenge and was only expecting to get maybe 10 entries and like 8 of them being from me…lol. But some of you fabulous ladies on Instagram showed up and showed OUT! Right now there’s over 640 pictures posted under #TSABDLips on Instagram and it gives me the smiles :)


Recap: My TSABD Insider BECCA Summer Chic Masterclass with Cynde Watson


I was expecting to have a great time hosting my BECCA Summer Chic Masterclass taught by celebrity makeup artist Cynde Watson because Cynde is just a doll and a joy to be around (not to mention her gorgeous cousin and model for the class actress Reilly Stith is hilarious), but the lovely The Style and Beauty Doctor Insiders who came out made it fly above my expectations. This event was SO GOOD. I love the energy that I attract because 10 complete strangers who read this blog meshed so well together and had a grand time in the name of makeup. You guys are amazing!


6 Bloggers, 1 Lipstick: Black Opal Jazzberry

black opal jazzberry lipstick on dark skin light skin nc 45 nw45 nc40 nc50

I’m back with another round of 6 Bloggers, 1 Lipstick! And I’m back with five more of my blogger boos to show you how one color looks amazing on a variety of skin tones. This time around it’s Black Opal Color Splurge Luxe Matte Lipstick in Jazzberry.


6 Bloggers, 1 Lipstick, 1 Blush!

milani best red lipstick on fair tan dark skin

I’m back! Okay maybe just briefly—the plan is to come back full swing with posts on Monday. My break wasn’t really a break as I had a ton of obligations to do during my time away: filming beauty videos for Target, writing stories for, and making press appointments. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to take a real deal


Here’s How to Buy the Right Foundation Shade Both In-Store and Online

how to buy the right foundation

So say you’re fairly new to makeup and would like to buy foundation, but need guidance because 1. you live very far away from many makeup counters and would have to buy it online or 2. don’t really feel like the people at your nearest counter have your best beauty interests in mind, what do you do? It’s time to learn some foundation basics!


Tardy for the Party: Milani Rose Powder Blush Swatches and Review

So I somewhat suck because I got these in a few weeks ago (via Milani‘s PR) and took pictures as soon as I got them and then intended on reviewing them and posting while I was in the Caribbean, but that totally did NOT happen…lol. I also lost one somewhere between NYC, Trinidad, and Barbados so there’s that. SMH. But I’m really loving this year’s Rose Powder Blush collection from Milani because this year the brand went all BOLD with the colors giving us four gorgeous shades that work on all skin tones. I’m serious! They work on all skin tones especially since you can vary your application—go with one soft layer for lighter skin tones and then get all layered up and bold the darker your skin.