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How I Pick Out Fragrance

fine fragrance the style and beauty doctor

I LOOOOVE fragrance. Over the years though I’ve taken a liking to scents that are a little on the pricey side (I made a case for them here). A really good fragrance can make a $2 outfit feel like COUTURE for me, dahling. But if you’re not so sure how to go about finding a fragrance you’ll love, I’m spilling how I find mine.


Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty Gifts for the Beauty Girl


So here’s the thing about this guide: I put it together with myself in mind. I’m someone who year-round likes to know what the latest in beauty is to add to my stash. I might be what some may call a fiend. Then there’s a twist though—by virtue of what I currently do for a living (write about beauty and fashion), I also have a lot of beauty sent to me. So someone getting me beauty gifts for Christmas is kind of like giving an enthusiastic welder a—um, hmm—well, a welding kit. It’s like, yeah the welder loves welding, but sheesh—maybe mix it up a bit for the holiday gifts?


My Latest Fragrance OBSESSION: Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540

baccarat rouge 540

I’ve always been a picky fragrance person. It would take me FOREVER to find a scent I loved and even when I found some, I’d be over them after a month or so. It takes a pretty complex scent to keep my attention and more often than not there’s a higher price tag involved. But perfume to me is more about a lifestyle (if you will…lol) where my fragrance is an extension of my personality. And right now Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 (received from the brand for review consideration) is SO me.


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Current Obsession: NEST Apricot Tea Collection for Spring

nest apricot tea collection spring 2016

I love nothing more than when winter officially ends. Sure it still feels like winter out, but the fact that it’s not technically still winter gives me solace. I’m ready for bare legs, pastel colored nails, pretty skirts, and lighter jackets. Spring just makes me feel renewed and joyful—like I could run through a field like Julie Andrews’ character in The Sound of Music.


Jade’s Current Products of Interest: Spring Edition

current beauty items interest

Hey ladies, Jade here!

Am I the only person that’s been longing for the warm spring months to begin? Ever since actual winter weather hit after the holidays, I’m regretting all that “I wish it was winter!” talk when it was in the 60s and 70s. Good thing we have new launches to hold us over until the nice weather starts to roll in. Below are a few of products that have recently or will be launching soon to get us excited for the new season approaching. Check them out below!


My Current FAVE Perfume Combo

maison francis kurkdjian oud satin mood guerlain gourmand coquin layer

I may buy generics at the grocery store and get mad when drugstore makeup is more than $10 (meanwhile I buy $60 foundations and a $90 lipstick SMH), but when it comes to perfume, I LOVE a splurge. There’s something that pricier perfumes just do for my senses and aura—it’s like I can be wearing a $10 outfit and then it automatically gets upgraded to couture the second I put on my luxury scent.


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