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Review + Demo: Anastasia Stick Foundation (w/ Swatches on Dark Skin of Almost All the Deep Shades)

anastasia stick foundation dark shades

If you would have told me like ten years ago that Anastasia Beverly Hills—a brand that at one point only sold a handful of brow products—would have a full cosmetic line, I’d be all like “yeah, right…” But yup, they’ve been slaying the brow category for ages, they make amazing shadows, they dropped a bomb on us with their lipglosses and liquid lipsticks, and even came through with the concealers and contour kits (see Anastasia reviews here). Now we have the Anastasia Stick Foundation.


Sephora Pantone Universe Correct + Conceal Palette Review & Swatches Dark Skin

Sephora Pantone Universe Correct + Conceal Palette medium dark

2016 seems to be the year of color correcting though it has always seemed odd to me that this is a “trend” since not everyone will need to color correct. Even those of us with some discoloration (dark spots can be the worst, yo) can cover them with our regular foundations and/or concealer without needing to add extra products or steps to our routine. But alas, I feel like it is within my beauty blogger-ing duties to test some of the products that hit the market. Today it’s the Sephora Pantone Universe Correct + Conceal Palette in Medium/Dark.


New ‘Cocoa Swatches’ App Showcases Makeup Swatches on Women of Color

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 8.10.33 PM

Thank goodness for social media and blogging. If you’re a woman of color, there’s no doubt you look to your favorite brown beauty bloggers for guidance on which makeup shades look best on your complexion and which products are worth our coin. Blogs like this one have made the buying process that much easier with makeup swatches on dark skin and reviews, and now blogger and business woman Ofunne Amaka has created an app I’m sure you’ll love. After creating the highly successful site and Instagram account ‘cocaswatches’, dedicated to showing makeup swatches on various skin tones, Amaka decided an app was the next route to go. 


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Review: NYX Cosmetics Mineral Stick Foundation (Dark Skin)

nyx cosmetics mineral stick foundation dark shades

Stick foundation can be super awesome because they travel easily, can be used quickly to add coverage where you need it, and the creamy formulas can be manipulated so many ways (i.e. vary coverage, vary finish, etc). I recently picked up six of the deepest shades of NYX Cosmetics Mineral Stick Foundation because I’m down for this beauty blogging cause and thought you guys would be interested in seeing them (plus they weren’t expensive so it didn’t kill me to buy 6 AND I got them during a 40% off sale…lol).


$2 Nicka K HD Concealer Review + Swatches on Dark Skin

nicka k hd concealer dark skin 3

So before we even get into this Nicka K HD Concealer post please note that while these concealers go in numerical order, the shades don’t go in order from light to dark. I’m also missing the first four shades which may not actually be the lightest shades these come in. There also seems to be a discrepancy in how at least two of the shades are numbered and labeled—on the concealers I have “Fallow” is listed as NCL010 but on the Nicka K site “Fallow” is NCL003 and NCL010 is Coffee. CONFUSING.


Why ONE Foundation May Not Cut It for Women of Color


So foundation. We’ve talked about this A LOT on the blog and if you need a refresher, my foundation posts are here for the reading. We also talked about highlighting and contouring and I explained why I do it every time I do my makeup (no, I’m not being dramatic…lol read the post to see why) and this post has a lot of those same principles in it, but a good ole update/refresher is good for the soul. Here I’m going to explain why ONE foundation may not cut it for women of color.


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