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Holiday Outfit Idea: Edgy New Year’s Mix: White Maxi Dress + Moto Jacket


I LOVE New Year’s Eve fashion. LOVE. You get all extra glitzy and glamorous to ring in the new year in your best party gear. While I love party gear, I’m also the queen of “Um, I need to be able to wear this a gazillion times” so I spotted this super cute white cut-out dress from ASOS that I knew I wanted to be able to wear beyond the stroke of midnight.


Holiday Outfit Idea: The Sequin Maxi Skirt



Holiday Outfit Idea: The Blue Velvet Suit You’ll Wear Over and Over!


What is that? Velvet?

Why yes, yes it is.

Listen, I’m SO here for this 90s fashion resurgence. To be honest though, as someone who was a pre-teen and teen throughout the 90s, I didn’t really see how most of the fashion trends from back then could come back in any kind of fashionable way. But I was wrong and I’m all the way here for all the chokers, overalls, and of course velvet.


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How to Rock a Trend the 2nd Time Around: 90s Overalls and Chokers


So you know how “they” say if you were old enough to rock a trend the first time around, you should skip it when it comes back again? I’m not (or at least I’m no longer not) someone who subscribes to “age rules.” When I was a kid, they would tell women over the age of about 40 that they should cut their hair above their shoulders in the workplace. You see how that one went down, right? LOL. But there is a only a teeny bit of truth about the trend thing and age. When wearing a trend now that you wore back in the day, you want to take a more modern, fresh take on it when wearing it now.


My Cape Coat Obsession Continues (And This One is Temporarily on Sale!)


Remember when I posted about my plaid ASOS cape coat and then mentioned I had my eyes on a chocolate brown one? If you watched my fall fashion haul video, you saw that I did wind up buying it (and some other thangs…lol). So here it is in one of maaany outfits to come.