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Currently Obsessed: Big Hair, Jumpsuits and Robes

asos jumpsuit with kimono Danielle2Outfits-4

Yes, I know Wednesdays are supposed to be Wear to Work Wednesdays (and if I have time before I need to get dressed and go to a makeup event in Manhattan, I’ll post a look), but lately I’ve been busy with a few projects (thank you LORD because this year was starting to look a little bleak…lol) and my posting schedule has been a bit off. Part of it has to do with my new way of blogging which has meant WAY more content features like video demos and more but has also meant fewer posts because I can only churn out quality content every so often. But there’s a lot more exciting makeup reviews and swatches coming soon so make sure you’re subscribed to the blog so you don’t miss a thing. I also have my 14 year old nephew visiting me from Georgia for a few weeks so I’ve been juggling a lot with taking him places and what not.


How I Keep My 4C Hair Moisturized + Pantene Gold Series Review

Disclosure: This post is in sponsorship with Pantene. As always all thoughts are 100% my own.

4c hair twist out

I absolutely LOVE my hair. And I mean L-O-V-E LOOOOOOVE my hair. And while I absolutely love and am proud of my hair and LOVE to see it styled a gazillion ways (right now my Pinterest hair board is filled with at least 40 hairstyles I want to try), the way my attention span, lifestyle, and energy is set up, I don’t really want to spend a lot of time doing it. I’ll make sure I do my proper maintenance of moisturizing it, washing it, deep conditioning it, sending it love notes and blowing it kisses—you know that sort of thing. But spend hours to prep it for a style?


The Products I Used When I Had Braids

products for box braids

I got braids! I took my weave out a few weeks ago which makes my imagination run wild with hairstyle ideas and since I was also going to Iceland, I decided to get braids. I haven’t had box braids since the 90s and thankfully my regular hairstylist (and friend) Gabrielle Corney was able to hook me up. She doesn’t offer braids so I had to BEG mad hard for her to agree to it. She told me she used to work in an African hair braiding shop way back when she first got started in hair. Gabi suggested I get bigger Patra-like braids. I LOOOOVED them—there were fewer braids which made braid time go super fast and they didn’t feel heavy. Only downside was that since there were fewer braids, it was more obvious when my hair started to grow out some and get fuzzy. Also didn’t help that I slept a little wildly :/


Holiday Outfit Idea: Edgy New Year’s Mix: White Maxi Dress + Moto Jacket


I LOVE New Year’s Eve fashion. LOVE. You get all extra glitzy and glamorous to ring in the new year in your best party gear. While I love party gear, I’m also the queen of “Um, I need to be able to wear this a gazillion times” so I spotted this super cute white cut-out dress from ASOS that I knew I wanted to be able to wear beyond the stroke of midnight.


Holiday Outfit Idea: The Sequin Maxi Skirt



Holiday Outfit Idea: The Blue Velvet Suit You’ll Wear Over and Over!


What is that? Velvet?

Why yes, yes it is.

Listen, I’m SO here for this 90s fashion resurgence. To be honest though, as someone who was a pre-teen and teen throughout the 90s, I didn’t really see how most of the fashion trends from back then could come back in any kind of fashionable way. But I was wrong and I’m all the way here for all the chokers, overalls, and of course velvet.