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I Need a Reboot!

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I’m pooped! After a summer of being on auntie duty, traveling around Europe, making plans for more business ideas, and of course creating content, September came and I had to get back on the good foot. I have loads of content to create, a new travel blog I want to start, a business idea I need to put into play, and so much more. My mind is going at the speed of light. I’ve churned out a good portion of what I needed to have done, but what has fallen WAY to the wayside has been maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise. If you’ve been following me on Snapchat for a while, you might remember that a good portion of my snaps were either me going to or coming from the gym. I was doing so well until my teenaged nephew came to visit me for three weeks in June and I was damn near having food challenges with him everyday. Anyone who has boys will tell you that in the teen years they eat like an entire football team and sometimes you get caught up in what they’re eating, too—my sis (his mom) said she lost weight while he was here meanwhile I gained the weight she lost :x

Not to mention all the mindless snacking I’ve been doing as a result of putting in extra hours of work. I need a reboot!


A Few Things I’d Tell My Younger Self…

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the style and beauty doctor danielle gray
This collage is a perfect portrayal of how I feel in my 30s: fearless and carefree

It’s funny how some people dread turning 30. It’s like they feel it’s an end to your youth and carefree days. Like all of a sudden you were cool to the hundredth degree at 29 and then all of a sudden at 30 your stock plummets. I turn 35 on the 26th (yassssss, Virgos!) and I have not had as much fun and confidence in my entire life than I’ve been having in my 30s.


Fitness Friday: My 2-Year Weight Watchers Update!

topshop fur stole leather skirt mule outfit  DAnielle3looksGSZ-4

Yassssss to two years on Weight Watchers! I don’t update my Fitness Friday weekly like I used to—because—well, I guess I just forget and there’s so much other content I need to go through…lol. Plus sometimes I think for me it’s easier to go a couple of months and gather my thoughts and then give an update.


Fitness Friday: Dining Out on Weight Watchers

olio e piu Spaghetti alla Carbonara
Olio e Piú Spaghetti alla Carbonara

So I’ve been doing Weight Watchers since 2014 and while I’ve been presented with challenges (you know, like ALL the good treats and stuff just sliding all up and through tempting me), for the most part I’ve done really well. I’ve always known the type of foods I should be eating, those I need to limit, and because I may have a slight gluten allergy, those I should try to avoid—but we all know that knowing and doing are two different things. Weight Watchers has helped me recover from my absent-minded ways of eating and also put me in the kitchen WAY more often. I’m over here cooking meals that are good for me and actually taste really, really good (they may not look Pinterest-ready but they taste good…lol). But living in a city known for great restaurants, there comes times where dining out becomes a challenge. When I’m not preparing the actual meal, it can be a little difficult to figure out points and not going to lie—how to say no to SO many decadent things all in my eye sight…lol.


10 Minutes with Danielle: Current State of Affairs and Stuff

A still from my latest Youtube video

It’s been FOREVER since I did one of these and figured it’d be a good time to check in and tell you some goings-on and other random things I’ve been thinking about lately…lol.


Fitness Friday: I’m a Recovering Fast Foodie

kyochon honey wings korean friend chicken

Honey wings from Kyochon, definitely worth “cheating” with

As anyone in my family might tell you (especially my middle sis Denise), I was a HUGE fast foodie…lol. McDonald’s was definitely my fave (that’s because I didn’t know about Zaxby’s and Chik fil A growing up in NYC…lol) and I’d find those damn arches from a gazillion miles away if it meant having delicious golden nuggets and french fries in my belly. When I had a corporate job and commuted to work, I stayed in somebody’s drive thru and some days I’d have fast food for breakfast and lunch. I knew I was doing wrong but I felt like I wasn’t eating that much. SMH.