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TSABD Edit: Reviewing & Swatching Powders for Dark Skin


Welcome to the first TSABD Edit! If you missed my post on changes to how I’ll be blogging going forward, make sure you read it here. TSABD Edit is my new review series where you’ll still get the same authentic reviews you’re accustomed to, but they’ll be grouped by a theme. So instead of me doing say 20 individual reviews, I’ll instead do these once a week or once every two weeks and cover a group of products in one post. If a very popular limited edition product comes out and is available for me to get, I’ll get those out as quickly as possible and likely in its own individual post, but for the most part TSABD Edit is where you’ll now find a majority of the reviews on this site going forward—you can still check out past reviews here. You can expect to see TSABD Edit posts here on Tuesdays—make sure you subscribe to the blog to get email alerts about all new blog posts!


black Up Concealer Palette {Review + Swatches of All 3 Shades on Dark Skin}

black up concealer palette

Shortly after black Up was made available online at Sephora (get deets on where you can get it in-store here), I bought a couple of things that sparked my interest. I’ve reviewed and swatched a ton of black Up already and you can check those posts out here.


Discussion: Q&A with black Up Cosmetics


It’s always exciting when a makeup line many of us have coveted from afar for many years becomes more easily accessible. For those of us with darker skin tones, when that company is one that is dedicated to carrying our various shades AND undertones as well as having rich pigments and color options that provide perfect harmony with our coloring, it’s kind of a really big thing to be excited for. French luxury makeup company black Up Cosmetics who once had a footprint in U.S. stores about ten years ago and came back to our shores virtually with an online presence some years after, is now in ten Sephora stores across the United States and online at (get details here). But for years and most recently in the immediate present, there has been a lot of questions about the company and what happened to Fabrice Mahabo, the Black makeup artist who founded black Up.


black UP Sephora UPDATE: 10 Store Listing +!

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 9.41.13 AM

Folks, black UP Cosmetics is just hitting us left and right with the Sephora US news! Today the brand announced that they will be online at on 9/1 (that’s right around the corner!!!) and at ten Sephora in-store locations starting 9/15.


BIG Beauty News: black UP Cosmetics to Be Sold at Sephora!

black up sephora us

black UP Cosmetics, the French-based beauty brand dedicated to high quality cosmetics for women of color is making its way back into US stores soon according to the brand’s Facebook page. I got wind of the news after someone left a comment on one of my black | UP review posts.


Another Great Highlight/Contour Option for Dark Skin: black UP Contouring Stick (Plus Comparisons to Other Kits)

black up contouring stick no 3 no 4 no 5

Yes, contouring kits have pretty much taken over the market and unless you have great tuning out skills, you’ve seen that nearly every brand has a version of one. Thing is though, if you have darker skin, a majority of these kits probably won’t work for you. You might find a highlight option, but contour? Not every kit is going to be here for you…lol. But I’ve come across some that might actually be in your corner :)