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TSABD Edit: Beauty Products I’ve Finished

beauty products ive finished

So this is a bit of a different kind of TSABD Edit. Normally I’d review a bunch of products that just came in, show you swatches, do a video demo, etc. This time around I’m talking about a bunch of beauty products I’ve finished. Now I’m testing this out—I’m not sure how effective a post of this nature would be (you’ll have to tell me if it helps you or not—be honest). Just because I didn’t finish a product doesn’t mean it’s not a good product. I am a recovering beauty junkie so I would buy a LOT of stuff because I lacked self-control (haha) and I also get a ton of product in from brands so there are products that are amazing but that I don’t get around to finishing because either it’s not something I need to use daily or because I have a gazillion others like it.


Bronzers for Dark Skin

Bronzers for Dark Skin

“Bronzers for dark skin?”

“But we’re already brown/bronze?”

“Why would I need bronzer?”

Many moons ago I, too, did not get the whole bronzer thing (well, I understood bronzer—just didn’t see it as for my skin tone), but back then not very many brands were making bronzers deep enough to make a difference on darker skin tones. But also many moons after that, I got my hands on some that did come deep enough and have been a bronzer fan since. I thought now would be an amazing time to do another bronzers for dark skin post because with it being winter and all, many of us can use a little extra glow.


TSABD Edit: Reviewing & Swatching Powders for Dark Skin


Welcome to the first TSABD Edit! If you missed my post on changes to how I’ll be blogging going forward, make sure you read it here. TSABD Edit is my new review series where you’ll still get the same authentic reviews you’re accustomed to, but they’ll be grouped by a theme. So instead of me doing say 20 individual reviews, I’ll instead do these once a week or once every two weeks and cover a group of products in one post. If a very popular limited edition product comes out and is available for me to get, I’ll get those out as quickly as possible and likely in its own individual post, but for the most part TSABD Edit is where you’ll now find a majority of the reviews on this site going forward—you can still check out past reviews here. You can expect to see TSABD Edit posts here on Tuesdays—make sure you subscribe to the blog to get email alerts about all new blog posts!


How to Get Your Foundation to Do the Most


January is the PERFECT time to go through your makeup stash and get rid of anything that’s not going to slay your routine. Get rid of those old, crusty foundations, eyeshadows you know good and well that you’re not going to use, and trash those lipsticks that make you look like Tyrone Biggums. Trust me, doing this will make your life 1000% easier and I bet you’ll be less likely to buy more crap you don’t need this year.


Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops {Review + Swatches on Dark Skin}

cover fx custom enhancer drops

I received the new Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops way back when they first launched about a few months ago. I was excited about them upon arrival and even started testing them out right away. But then life got in the way: I had an event in Atlanta, I started a Summer Beauty video series, my nephew came to visit for three weeks (ahhhh, I miss him!) and I played auntie taking almost everywhere he wanted to go, then I gallivanted around Europe for almost three weeks, came back home for a short week, then flew to Georgia for a family wedding. AND IT’S SUMMER so I, of course, want to make sure I’m maximizing the heck out of it. So I have been trying to play catch-up with so many things for months.


What I Bought from the Sephora VIB Rouge Sale

sephora vib rouge sale haul 2

I haven’t done a “haul” post in a looooong time (mainly to shield myself from judgment…lol) but I figured it would be cool to do one for my recent Sephora VIB Rouge sale purchases since I often get asked what people should get from these sales. I actually have NO clue what *you* should get because it’s hard to know what you need and don’t need without seeing your beauty stash, but I can tell you what *I* typically get.