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Bronzers for Dark Skin

Bronzers for Dark Skin

“Bronzers for dark skin?”

“But we’re already brown/bronze?”

“Why would I need bronzer?”

Many moons ago I, too, did not get the whole bronzer thing (well, I understood bronzer—just didn’t see it as for my skin tone), but back then not very many brands were making bronzers deep enough to make a difference on darker skin tones. But also many moons after that, I got my hands on some that did come deep enough and have been a bronzer fan since. I thought now would be an amazing time to do another bronzers for dark skin post because with it being winter and all, many of us can use a little extra glow.


Illamasqua Earth Collection

Illamasqua Earth Collection 2015

As we approach the season of shorter days and dropping temperatures, Illamasqua debuts their latest assortment of luxuriously pigmented eye, lip, and nail goodies. The new Illamasqua Earth collection manages to seamlessly mix cool metallic finishes and bold jewel tones right in time for fall 2015.

Let’s take a look at the official details!


NEW Illamasqua Sculpt and Gel Color is Surprisingly Pigmented {Swatches + Review}

illamasqua gel and sculpt color silhouette fluster charm

So here’s the thing when you’re a long time makeup lover with a darker skin tone: there are certain product releases you might still get excited about but still roll your eyes over because you KNOW the colors aren’t going to show up that well. I’ve seen it happen countless times with product launches so much so that I sometimes don’t even bother requesting products or covering them on the blog. No lie, I was kinda thinking the same when I got info on new Illamasqua Sculpt and Gel Color. But part of me was all like “But you KNOW Illamasqua and they have always been so good about giving rich, colorful makeup,” so I decided to try them out after the brand sent them over. GIRL, I wasn’t ready.


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Illamasqua Sophie Powder Blusher [Review + Swatches]

illamasqua sophie powder blusher

Remember how I was all like “booooo! they took Illamasqua out of Sephora and now you can only order from their UK site?” And then I was all like “wait, I got a press release saying that Net-a-Porter now carries the UK makeup brand.” Remember?


Great Beauty News: Illamasqua Now Sold at Net-A-Porter!


When Illamasqua was quietly (ok, quietly to me…lol) taken out of Sephora and Bloomingdales, I was PISSED. Sure I have enough of my favorite Illamasqua Blushers to last me forever, but when I want the odd new product, it sucks ordering from their UK site. I know because I did so in December and it was annoying converting currency, trying to order over a certain amount for free shipping, and then waiting at the mailbox for the package to come like Miss Celie did her letters.

Ain’t nobody got time.