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Check Out the LUSH Easter Lineup!

Nothing makes my heart smile more than entering a LUSH store. All the fun treats and the super friendly staff make me want to add them as a beneficiary to my life insurance policy. Their lastest Easter collection is soliciting some serious awwwws from me so I just had to share. Check it out…


Winter Beauty Math…LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub + First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy = Supple Lips

first aid ultra repair lip therapy and lush popcorn lip scrub

So as we know, it’s winter. Or should I say winter-ish. I don’t know what the weather is like in my hometown of NYC (still here in Georgia), but it’s been a mix of what I’m used to as springtime temps with some downright dirty winter temps. You never know what to expect!

But when the weather was on the lower side, as usual my lips started to get dry and chapped. This is no bueno for a lip-color loving person like myself (MAC Ruby Woo and dry lips does NOT mix), so here’s what I’ve been using lately to combat flaky, winter lips…


Wait ‘Til You Get a Load of Some of LUSH’s Holiday Themed Lineup

The fact that the holiday product offerings at LUSH are good is just about as breaking news as finding out that water is wet. I rarely meet a LUSH product I don’t like and their customer service is so awesome (I wonder what they tell employees during training to get them all to be so bubbly?) and I’m equally as excited to tell you about a few of the products the brand sent over for review consideration.


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LUSH Halloween Booooo-ty in Stores Tomorrow!

For Halloween our favorite eco-friendly beauty store LUSH is once again offering sweet treats that won’t send you to the dentist’s office. The brand recently sent over their too-cute line-up and I’m obsessed as usual. Here’s a run-down of the collection…


Your Feet Deserve LUSH Happy Feet Kit

Are your feet happy? If they could talk, what would they say? I know with my travels around NYC on foot, mine would certainly have a few choice four-letter words for me. So after a day of traipsing around Manhattan, I like to come home and treat my dogs to LUSH’s new limited edition Happy Feet Kit. You know, before my feet go on strike and walk out of here without me.