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Current Obsession: Glossy Nudes

danielle gray the style and beauty doctor

No—not THAT kind of glossy nude (dirty minds, yo!), I mean for your lips. Nude of course is a relative term depending on your skin tone, but whatever your nude is, I’m talking about that but with clear gloss on top. Or a glossy lip color that’s your nude. I’m OBSESSED with them. Yes, bright lips are still my heart, but I’m having a gloss moment and more specifically a glossy nude moment.


10 Quote Unquote Date Night Friendly Lip Shades

date night lip color ideas

In this installment of “let me keep repurposing these 50 Shades of Lipstick pics,” I’m here to bring you “date night friendly” lip shades. Now let me first explain that at the same exact time I think this is a good idea and I’m also rolling my eyes at the idea of it…lol. While I’ve long ago ditched the notion that I as a makeup lover cannot wear the things I love so much in the company of potential suitors, I also get that my Sleek MakeUP Matte Me in Rioja Red, an orange-red lip color that goes on like a gloss but dries matte may get better reception amongst my girlfriends than the opposite sex. I’m so conflicted with how I feel about this, yet I still think this is content that people can use, ya know?


Some of My FAVORITE Nude Lipsticks for Dark Skin

nude lip colors on dark skin

So after my mom “outed” me for looking like I had Botox in my last nude lip post (I had to explain to her that 50 Shades of Lipstick is a guide and I may wear colors I don’t like just to show a variety of shades…lol), I figured it’d be a good idea anyway to say which of the lip colors in the series are my favorite colors. I had changed my personal profile pic on Facebook and my mom left a comment asking if the color I was wearing was a nude and said she loved it (it was MAC Touch Lipstick) so you can say she also inspired this post…lol. I’ll do this for other color families as well—which would be great because since I’m in Trinidad (CARNIVAL) and then Barbados for a bit I can still update yet still be on a break…lol.


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5 Bold Lip Colors You Can Get Away with Wearing at Work

work lip color on dark skin

Just because you work in a corporate environment, doesn’t mean you’re subjected to neutral lip color. Nope! There are some pops of color that you totally can get away with wearing at work. And not only am I gonna give you five options, but I’m also going to show them on me for you courtesy of my first 50 Shades of Lipstick series which you can also see in its entirety here. #shamelessplug


Covering Bases: My Foundation Stash + Equivalents for NW45/47 Skin


Oh hey—hello, *ahem*…my name is Danielle and I kinda have a thing for foundation and concealer. I mean I only have one face (as far as I know) but yet I feel the need to try all the foundation. Some of it comes from brands who’ve sent items for review consideration, but a lot of it comes from me and my thirsty too-much-foundation-and-concealer-buying tendencies. SMH.