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TSABD Edit: BECCA Priming Filters + Soft Light Blurring Powder

Becca Glow Glossary- First Light & Backlight Priming Filters + Soft Light Blurring Powder

Welcome back to another edition of TSABD Edit!

I’ve been a fan of the BECCA Cosmetics brand since they first launched in the U.S. at Bergdorf Goodman and at the Plaza Hotel’s beauty level back around 2005. The brand started by an Australian makeup artist had quite an extensive range of shades (over 30 at first launch I believe) and I marveled at the fact that there were a number of shades deeper than my skintone—I’m typically the deepest or second to deepest shade in some ranges and that’s IF the range even goes that deep—AND that they had deeper shades and more than one undertone. I also admired the type of makeup looks you’d see in BECCA Cosmetics promo images: healthy, glowing skin; groomed brows and supple lips.


Hyaluronic Acid: What it Can Do for Your Skin + Some Products I’ve Tried

hyaluronic acid neutrogena hydra boost dr dennis gross hyaluronic marine

Hyaluronic acid. So ill (as in the slang word “ill”) that it can hold a thousand times its weight in water—that’s hydration on a trillion, son. If you’ve never heard of hyaluronic acid or only vaguely know what it does and what it can do for your skin, saddle up because this post is about to give you a quick overview plus some products you might want to look into checking out.


TSABD Edit: NYX Total Control Foundation + Diorskin Forever Foundation on Dark Skin

NYX Total Control + Diorskin Foundations review swatches dark skin


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Jade’s Current Beauty Products of Interest

Jade's Current Beauty Products

Hi ladies, Jade here!

As a new year begins one thing remains the same: my obsession with beauty! From highlighters that will give you a glow unlike any other product to a hair root touch up stick that will combat those pesky grays—these are my current product picks.


I’ll BRB…

Photo: Nasilele Photography

Hey party people!

So remember how I said I’d be blogging differently this year? (If you forgot or missed the post, check it out here) Part of my blogging differently is to be able to give you more dynamic posts that you can learn even more from—but creating content like that takes time. And since I’d been busy with projects, my secret beauty event, and a big task I’ve undertaken, there will sometimes be times like now where I can’t put up new content. Not to worry because since I have TONS of amazing content I’m sure you haven’t see yet ;)