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Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation Will Come in NEW Deeper Shades


Back in September I was invited out to Brooklyn for a special early sneak peek of wet n wild’s 2017 launches. There are a ton of new products coming our way in January, but naturally I zeroed in on the foundations since they added new deeper shades to the lineup. Though the company that owns wet n wild also owns Black Radiance, we haven’t seen much crossover (okay, we haven’t seen ANY crossover) in complexion shades since—well, maybe EVER.


Trying a Ton of Beauty Supply Store Makeup for the First Time on Camera


Beauty supply store makeup has come a LONG way especially since I was a teen. Nowadays you can find a wide range of shades for darker skin tones AND many beauty supply stores are now equipped with testers making them much easier to shop than some drugstores. I’ve reviewed tons of makeup you can find at the beauty supply store (L.A. Girl, NYX Cosmetics—yep, NYX is sold at a lot of the beauty supply stores near me, etc), but I wanted to try a few things I’d never tried before and had this crazy idea to do it all on camera for the first time…lol. It was—interesting…lol. See for yourself in the video below!


This $5 Black Radiance Foundation?!?! {Quick Review + Swatches of All 6 Shades} #SwatchesInSeptember


If you can find a good match in Black Radiance Color Perfect Liquid Make-Up, you’ll score a pretty good foundation for just $5. A while back when I was going on a swatch-binge and looking for products to include on the blog, I bought a bunch of Black Radiance and of course had to include the foundation. And these plus a bunch of other products that are patiently waiting to be swatched is why I started #SwatchesInSeptember.


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An $8 Contour Kit for Deep Dark Skin?!?!

triple banded (2)

A little while back I saw that Cocoa Swatches retweeted from @CutCreaseMom about some $10 contour kits from Amazon. I get SO MUCH of my everyday business necessities from Amazon and have also found that you can get a ton of beauty items—-even department store brands for less than what you would normally pay. I ordered a travel tripod and a cream and a powder contour kit in the deepest shades (see the other shades here).


SheaMoisture Weightless Shea Serum Foundation Review + Swatches on Dark Skin {16 Shades!}

sheamoisture weightless shea serum foundation

You guys went crazy when I posted images of a few shades of the new SheaMoisture Weightless Shea Serum Foundation on my Facebook as well as my Instagram. And who could blame you—even with just the six shades I had in my post, do you see that RANGE? When I saw the deepest shade I immediately wanted to book a trip to the Caribbean to work on my tan…lol.