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Holiday Glitter Eye Makeup + Contour Look on Dark Skin Tutorial!

glitter eye makeup dark skin

Happy Holidays, ya’ll! I’m SUPER in the festive mood and this makeup tutorial is just one of MANY holiday posts to come. Stay tuned for gift guides, holiday outfit ideas, and muuuuch more. You can SUBSCRIBE to the blog here so you don’t miss a thing.


Trying a Ton of Beauty Supply Store Makeup for the First Time on Camera


Beauty supply store makeup has come a LONG way especially since I was a teen. Nowadays you can find a wide range of shades for darker skin tones AND many beauty supply stores are now equipped with testers making them much easier to shop than some drugstores. I’ve reviewed tons of makeup you can find at the beauty supply store (L.A. Girl, NYX Cosmetics—yep, NYX is sold at a lot of the beauty supply stores near me, etc), but I wanted to try a few things I’d never tried before and had this crazy idea to do it all on camera for the first time…lol. It was—interesting…lol. See for yourself in the video below!


Introducing the Sarah Moon for NARS Holiday 2016 Collection


NARS Cosmetics has been a brand that has always stood by not only diversity, but creating collections that transcend with every type of woman. So it’s no surprise that the brand’s latest collab with world-renown photographer Sarah Moon brings a unique approach to femininity and how we perceive beauty and individuality. Just in time for the holidays, the 25 piece collection is as dreamy as you can imagine. Inspired by the nostalgic futurism of the 1925 film Metropolis, François Nars and Moon joined creative forces to bring alive a line that is short from luxurious. The range of shades and formulas are true to the brand and the packaging looks like a work of art! Judging by the images, the colors are stunning and true to what fall/winter makeup should be – dark plums, rich reds and smoky eyes. Among the 25 pieces there are 10 gift sets – so there’s no excuse for you not to spoil your friends and family as well as yourself! It will be released exclusively on and NARS boutiques on October 15th and on and specialty stores on November 1st. Check out the full collection below.


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Will This Flirt Flashes Applicator Change the Game for Your Fake Lash Application?

flirt flashes lash applicator amber rose

Recently I was invited to what was touted as a secret beauty press event that I didn’t want to miss out on or be plagued with serious FOMO (fear of missing out). Turns out it was the launch of a possibly game-changing lash applicator AND Amber Rose was in the building and announced as the new face for Flirt Cosmetics. BTW, Amber is SO super sweet (I knew she would be!) and OMG her SKIIIIIIN is amazing.


1 1/2 Days in Brussels

brussels belgium the style and beauty doctor

So now I really see the appeal in microblogging in real time while traveling—especially when you travel from city to city. I was in Brussels about ten days ago (although it feels like three months ago) and traveled to two other cities in Belgium and each city I traveled to was more beautiful than the last. Which makes things a little unfair to the previous cities because now my viewpoint is a little tainted. But I would say that I’d love to visit Belgium again to see even more and would re-visit all three cities again.