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Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation Will Come in NEW Deeper Shades


Back in September I was invited out to Brooklyn for a special early sneak peek of wet n wild’s 2017 launches. There are a ton of new products coming our way in January, but naturally I zeroed in on the foundations since they added new deeper shades to the lineup. Though the company that owns wet n wild also owns Black Radiance, we haven’t seen much crossover (okay, we haven’t seen ANY crossover) in complexion shades since—well, maybe EVER.


This NEW BECCA Multi-Tasking Perfecting Powder Though?!?!? #SwatchesInSeptember


Listen, I have my apprehensions about what appears to me as BECCA Cosmetics, long known as a brand that has SO MANY FOUNDATION shades—I’m talking RANGE FOR DAYS, dwindling down on their extensive range in exchange for “flexible” complexion products. Basically this means being able to still cater to a very wide range of skin tones—maybe even the same number as before, but with fewer products. I can’t be mad at a brand that can lessen its SKUs and still cater to darn near everybody. What I worry about though is perception because folks who don’t know the brand or who may not initially get what “flexible shades” means may feel excluded and not support the brand :/ I’m not so sure that the richly complected melanin beauty who might have worn BECCA’s deepest shade of Cacao might fit into the new flexible shade range. But on the same token, perhaps the brand wasn’t seeing a high enough demand for the shade. I don’t know. This is all my own speculation.


Jade’s Current Products of Interest

current beauty items interest

A new season has rolled around which only means one thing – a new edition of my current products of interest! Between serums and new makeup products, each of these items have been standing out on all of my social media feeds and I’m eager to try them all. From thick serums to the latest in powder foundations, this list is comprised of products that are easily accessible and can work for all skin types and skin tones.


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This $5 Black Radiance Foundation?!?! {Quick Review + Swatches of All 6 Shades} #SwatchesInSeptember


If you can find a good match in Black Radiance Color Perfect Liquid Make-Up, you’ll score a pretty good foundation for just $5. A while back when I was going on a swatch-binge and looking for products to include on the blog, I bought a bunch of Black Radiance and of course had to include the foundation. And these plus a bunch of other products that are patiently waiting to be swatched is why I started #SwatchesInSeptember.


Review + Demo: Anastasia Stick Foundation (w/ Swatches on Dark Skin of Almost All the Deep Shades)

anastasia stick foundation dark shades

If you would have told me like ten years ago that Anastasia Beverly Hills—a brand that at one point only sold a handful of brow products—would have a full cosmetic line, I’d be all like “yeah, right…” But yup, they’ve been slaying the brow category for ages, they make amazing shadows, they dropped a bomb on us with their lipglosses and liquid lipsticks, and even came through with the concealers and contour kits (see Anastasia reviews here). Now we have the Anastasia Stick Foundation.


Hourglass Vanish Foundation Dark Shades {Swatches, Review, + Demo} #SwatchesInSeptember


I’ve been an Hourglass fan for years—those Arch Brow Sculpting Pencils, the lip colors, the Ambient Lighting Powders, the eyeshadow palettes—Hourglass knows the way to a makeup girl’s heart. But they always lacked when it came to foundation range. They’d have a few deeper colors, but nothing to write home about. I once went to a press event they had for the additional shades of the Arch Brow Sculpting Pencils and I remember practically the whole team there apologizing and telling me that they would have foundation shades to match my skin soon. And here we are!


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