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How to Stay BEAT in the HEAT (Keep Your Makeup from Melting this Summer!)


It’s summer and chances are if you read this blog, you also wear makeup. And chances are you clicked on this post because you want to know how to prevent makeup from melting during summer. I got you!


My Updated Foundation Routine {Dark Skin}

the style and beauty doctor
Makeup by Andi Yancey

When I was a makeup artist it was important to take classes to brush up on skills and learn more from other artists. Though the only face I beat these days is my own, I still love to learn different ways to do things when it comes to my makeup. After having my makeup done by makeup artist du jour Andi Yancey for our Face Flawless Skin photo shoot, I HAD to have Andi show me some of her secrets. So we booked a session together and I learned a few things that I now use in my makeup routine. I now contour differently because of Andi and I wanted to share a few things I learned.


What is Strobing? Should You Strobe? Plus Strobing Options for Dark Skin

strobing highlighting dark skin
Get makeup details here (and subscribe to my Youtube channel while you’re at it)

This “new” strobing trend that’s popping up everywhere lately particularly on social media? It’s actually highlighting. Something many of us have been doing for AGES. It just has a new fancy term and probably legs for brands to come up with strobing kits down the line. But if you’re a highlighter junkie like me, you probably already have the goods in your makeup stash. And if you don’t, no worries—later on in this post I’ll link you to a bunch of highlighters you can use for strobing should your heart so desire.


Answers to YOUR Foundation, Concealer, and Powder Questions Part 1

foundations for dark skin

Because we’re ALL about the beauty here (I mean, beauty IS in the blog name…lol) and also because foundation is the well—foundation of a majority of your beauty looks, I thought it would be a great idea to do a big post answering your questions all about complexion makeup products. You guys submitted some really great questions to both my Facebook and Instagram! So much so that I had to break this into a two part post which of course had me all elated because I LOVE a good two-part post :)


It’s HOT Out: How to Keep Your Makeup on Your Face


I have no plans of leaving my home office today—I went outside around 9 A.M. to take pictures of products for upcoming posts and was knocked out IMMEDIATELY by the force of the heat. It’s going to be 97 degrees in the city today and sincce I’m no stranger to NYC heat (been trucking with it since my birth month of August), I’ve got a trick or two (or ten) under my sleeves about keeping your makeup from sliding off your face the second you hit the great outdoors.


Quick BECCA Trick for Luminous Skin


Here’s another short and sweet beauty post (or as short and sweet as I can be because you KNOW I can get long-winded). So you know I love BECCA Cosmetics, right? So imagine my giddiness when the brand’s stylist (isn’t that such a cool and chic title?) Kerry gave me the following tip: “I love mixing BECCA Matte Skin Shine Proof Foundation with Shimmering Skin Perfector; it leaves skin matte but glowing!”

You know I had to try right away, right?