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Jade’s Current Beauty Products of Interest: Gem-Infused Skincare

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Hi, ya’ll! Jade here :)

Day in and day out us beauty lovers are constantly reading up on the latest and newest fads and I’m sure we’ve all had the same thought: what next? Well ladies, seems like the next skincare trend is going towards gem-infused skincare. I currently have my eyes on some products that appear to be following the trend using ingredients like malachite extract and moon essence.


It’s HOT Out: How to Keep Your Makeup on Your Face


I have no plans of leaving my home office today—I went outside around 9 A.M. to take pictures of products for upcoming posts and was knocked out IMMEDIATELY by the force of the heat. It’s going to be 97 degrees in the city today and sincce I’m no stranger to NYC heat (been trucking with it since my birth month of August), I’ve got a trick or two (or ten) under my sleeves about keeping your makeup from sliding off your face the second you hit the great outdoors.


Celebrity Makeup Artist AJ Crimson’s Summer Beauty Tips

AJ Crimson_Justine Sky

AJ Crimson—the force behind some of Hollywood’s most glamorous starlets—recently stopped by the Colgate Optic White Beauty Bar at Atlantic Record’s VIP event in Hollywood. While none of us were invited (booooo! hisssssssss lol) we still are able to revel in some of his top beauty tips for summer courtesy of his people.


Let’s Take a Look at tarte Summer


I already have a list of waterproof summer makeup faves, but what kind of beauty junkie enthusiast would I be if I just stopped right there? tarte recently sent over a selection of items from their summer collection and I had planned on putting them on and then jumping into a pool or something, but I caught a cold (for the record, catching a cold during days of 80 degree temps SUCKS). So I did the next best thing—wore it around my hot apartment (AC’s not expecting to be on until maybe mid-June) and then hopped in the shower.


Make Up For Ever Aqua Summer 2013


Make Up For Ever, the brand who constantly steals my heart with its highly pigmented and colorful products and a shade range of foundations that just won’t quit, has launched some new shades in its waterproof Aqua range for summer. That’s another thing I love about the brand. Many of their products are waterproof and built to last. Their Aqua range includes multitasking waterproof Aqua Cream, Aqua Eyes, Aqua Lip, and Aqua Rouge.


The Style and Beauty Doctor is Your Ultimate Summer Guide!

arlenis sosa editorial

Seriously, I could do cartwheels right now just for the simple fact that the summer season is upon us. It’s my FAVORITE season of the year (ok, technically fall is but just for the fashion—summer is my everything else) because the days are longer and the weather is SO nice—plus I’m a summer baby with an August 26th birthday (*pops collar for all the Virgos out there*). I also love it because we get to try so many great new hair, makeup, and of course outfit ideas. Here on the blog I’ll be guiding you through how to keep your makeup put, how to look professional at work yet keep cool, what to do with your hair, and even take you along some of my fun summer haunts as I make my way through NYC and some other fun international trips I have planned. And of course what would this blog be if we didn’t do a little (okay, a lot) of shopping ;)

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To summer! *clink*