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Here’s What You Need in Your Nighttime Skincare Routine

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It’s Sleep Awareness Week! Now there are a long list of reasons to get a good night’s sleep regularly: better productivity, better overall health, better memory, hey, even better sex. But before you hit the hay, I want to make sure your skin is well-prepped for your hours of shut-eye.


Here’s Why Your Skincare Products Might NOT Be Working…

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It’s #NewSkinNovember! If you haven’t already checked out the inaugural post which is FILLED with skincare info and tips you TOTALLY need to know about, click here to familiarize yourself.


My Dark Spots Update: Everything I Did to Treat Them! #NewSkinNovember


I’ve written before about how I’ve been dealing with the worst hyperpigmentation I’ve had in over a decade. Here’s a little quick backstory: (you can always go back and read through if you want the full tea) so around last June I not only had a bout with adult acne which gifted me with breakouts on my chin, but I had also taken an affinity for wearing baseball caps which caused me to breakout on my forehead. As the pimples went away, they left dark spots which can take some time to fade. With certain types of over the counter treatments, it can take at least 6-8 weeks before you start to notice SOME fading. And lucky me, as the dark spots would start to fade slightly, I’d get acne in the same damn spots. And then after THAT acne went away, more dark spots came. I would get new dark spots in the same area before the old dark spots had a chance to fade. It was a vicious cycle of acne and dark spots :/


Introducing: #NewSkinNovember + Skincare Posts You MUST Read


After #SwatchesInSeptember and #OutfitsInOctober, I decided to keep the alliteration going with #NewSkinNovember!


Anti-Aging 101 for Women of Color

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Folks, the 3rd Annual Wrinkle Ranking by RoC® Skincare and Sperling’s Best Places has predicted New York City will be the 8th most wrinkle-prone American city in 2040 (we were #1 last year). I’ll be 59 by the time 2040 hits and while the stresses of living in the city that never sleeps may alter my youthful appearance, hopefully I’ll still be looking snatched. Yes, Black may not crack and whatever the saying is for brown, that, too. But there are some changes in our skin that we women of color experience as we age even though we may not tend to wrinkle as fast. There are also certain behaviors we should avoid (smoking, tanning, and yes, too much drinking) that can make us crack—as fast as a Fabergé egg would in a football game. And this is all regardless of your current zip code.


Sunscreen: How to Apply It, How to Avoid Flashback in Pics & MORE!

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I talk about sunscreen a ton here and how important it is to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, prevent premature aging, AND while you need to wear it everyday no matter if it’s raining or cloudy or if it’s winter, you especially need it when you’re working through skincare issues like dark spots and acne.