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Here’s Why Your Skincare Products Might NOT Be Working…

danielle skincare for black women

It’s #NewSkinNovember! If you haven’t already checked out the inaugural post which is FILLED with skincare info and tips you TOTALLY need to know about, click here to familiarize yourself.


My Dark Spots Update: Everything I Did to Treat Them! #NewSkinNovember


I’ve written before about how I’ve been dealing with the worst hyperpigmentation I’ve had in over a decade. Here’s a little quick backstory: (you can always go back and read through if you want the full tea) so around last June I not only had a bout with adult acne which gifted me with breakouts on my chin, but I had also taken an affinity for wearing baseball caps which caused me to breakout on my forehead. As the pimples went away, they left dark spots which can take some time to fade. With certain types of over the counter treatments, it can take at least 6-8 weeks before you start to notice SOME fading. And lucky me, as the dark spots would start to fade slightly, I’d get acne in the same damn spots. And then after THAT acne went away, more dark spots came. I would get new dark spots in the same area before the old dark spots had a chance to fade. It was a vicious cycle of acne and dark spots :/


Introducing: #NewSkinNovember + Skincare Posts You MUST Read


After #SwatchesInSeptember and #OutfitsInOctober, I decided to keep the alliteration going with #NewSkinNovember!


Quick Overview: Perricone MD Vitamin C Serum (That Radiance, Though!)

perricone md vitamin c ester serum

So before we get into this quick overview (which I’m already expecting may not be as “quick” as I thought it would be), let’s break down some basics. Serum is a skincare category that includes products that have a higher concentration of a certain ingredient and because of the texture and makeup of serums, they penetrate the skin more deeply than other products might. Not all serums are the same—the active or main ingredient in them will differ of course and not everyone is going to need a serum in their routine. They can be very helpful but not everyone is going to need them at any given time. It depends on what your skin needs. Serums can treat anything from uneven skin tone to acne to dark spots to dry skin and much more. Some also fight the signs of aging. That’s serum in a nutshell. Got it? Good.


What I’m Using on My Skin Right Now: Adult Acne Winter/Spring Transition

winter spring transition skincare routine

One of the most important things about caring for your skin is recognizing changes and adjusting accordingly. This can be if your skin starts behaving differently and/or when the season changes. This time I’m on the cusp of both so here’s what I’m using on my skin right now.


What I’m Using on My Skin Right Now: The Winter Edition

winter skincare oily skin products

OK so before you look at the pictures in this post (because I suspect too many people just look at pictures and don’t read the entire post—I can tell sometimes by the comments…lol) and think “WOW THAT’S A LOT OF PRODUCT!!!” lemme explain…lol. I DO NOT USE ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS AT THE SAME TIME. This winter has been very unpredictable when it comes to weather. There were weeks of 60 degree weather and even near 80 degree days in December. Then it seemed all the winter came all at once via the Jonas blizzard and then right after that it was in the 50s again. I base my skincare on several factors which include obviously my skin type but also the weather (temps affect how my skin behaves) and what my skin might need at the time. So I rotate the cleansers and moisturizers depending on the weather and what my skin needs and then I use treatment products (i.e. dark spot and acne treatments) when I need them.