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Days 1 & 2 in Berlin!

birgit and bier berlin  2

My list of cities to possibly move to in case the American apocalypse comes (aka if Trump is elected president) has just gotten that much longer. After two days of pretty much non-stop activities in Berlin, I’d be more than happy to setup shop in the this continuously evolving city.


I Went to Memphis for a Solo Eating Tour But Was Fed in Other Ways

memphis bbg trip39

You wanna know something funny—my middle sis Denise would often drive great distances for something like a slice of cake and I’d give her the 90s version of today’s side eye because I couldn’t fathom driving up to Syracuse (where she went for college) from Queens (where we lived) JUST to visit a bakery. Then the irony of me then about two decades later planning and executing a trip to Memphis to sample barbecue because of something I saw on Food Network…lol. My bad, D!


My Stay at the Luxurious Spice Island Beach Resort in Grenada

Photo: Nasilele Photography

So my coverage of Grenada is winding down (this is almost as sad as it was when I had to leave…lol) but I had to draw attention to one of my favorite experiences while in the beautiful island nation: my stay at the luxurious Spice Island Beach Resort. You can see other places to stay in Grenada here.


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9 Things to Do in Grenada if You’ve Been, Never Been, or Never Even Heard of Grenada

Photo: Nasilele Photography

Folks, I spent 10 glorious, magical, stupendous, incredible, joyous days on the beautiful island of Grenada. Nas (my friend since college and photographer) has been talking about how much she loves going every single year for like the last three years and reps hard for the Spice Island anytime we go to a Soca fete (which was plenty in 2014…lol). Right after Christmas 2013 I was in cold Georgia in my family’s house planning to watch the ball drop with my mom and older sis—except they both fell asleep HOURS before any of the NYE shows started SMH—and scrolling through my Instagram timeline when I saw person after person jetting off to some place warm. Even my then 19 year old niece and 21 year old nephew had better NYE plans than me. I vowed then that I would be somewhere warm for NYE 2014 and then Nas mentioned going to Grenada after Christmas and I was all like “HECK YEAH!”


Drink Thursday: Your Zodiac Drink Profile

holiday cocktails

Happy Drink Thursday, folks!

Because I’m all about a leaving a nice red lipstick stain on a glass of something nice (hehe), I’m continuing into 2015 with my cocktail series here on the blog. It won’t be EVERY Thursday (goodness, can you imagine if I had splashes every week? I’m already super extra hyped without a drop of anything) but I’d like to do one often enough because I like to think of you guys as my friends in my head and when I go out with my offline friends, we always have drinks…lol. I’m hoping one day to do events where we (me and you guys) can have them in person ;)