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How to Rock a Trend the 2nd Time Around: 90s Overalls and Chokers


So you know how “they” say if you were old enough to rock a trend the first time around, you should skip it when it comes back again? I’m not (or at least I’m no longer not) someone who subscribes to “age rules.” When I was a kid, they would tell women over the age of about 40 that they should cut their hair above their shoulders in the workplace. You see how that one went down, right? LOL. But there is a only a teeny bit of truth about the trend thing and age. When wearing a trend now that you wore back in the day, you want to take a more modern, fresh take on it when wearing it now.


Rocking a Bomber Jacket: 3 Ways + Fall Fashion Blogger Tour! #OutfitsInOctober


#OutfitsInOctober is still underway! Today we’re talking one of fall’s biggest trends, the bomber jacket.


75+ Black Fashion Bloggers (of All Sizes) #OutfitsInOctober

black fashion bloggers instagram

So of course I had to open #OutfitsInOctober with a host of Black fashion bloggers. I’m OBSESSED with style bloggers. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve bought something thanks to something a style blogger had on. But, and you don’t need me to tell you this, too often Black style bloggers aren’t represented as much as our counterparts. An excuse people sometimes use are “there aren’t that many Black style bloggers.” BULL. I was able to quickly rattle off this list based on who I follow on Instagram and this is only a fraction—there are way more Black fashion bloggers than this of course (and please leave a comment with your faves below).

Stay tuned for more #OutfitsInOctober—all this month long there’s going to be a fashion OVERLOAD on this blog and on my Youtube channel!


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Ya’ll Better Get INTO This E&C x Rebdolls Plus Size Swimsuit Collection

e&c rebdolls swimwear collection everything curvy and chic essie golden 00

It’s summer and likely you’ve heard or seen a plethora of “how to get a bikini body” articles or videos. Well, I’m here to remind you of the easiest and fastest way to get a bikini body: get a bikini and put it on your body. DONE.

Style has no size and life is WAY too short to hate your body and to be worrying about what other people think. And as Chante and Essie, two fabulous plus size style bloggers who collaborated on a swimsuit line for Rebdolls, say “strip off the layers and flaunt those curves!”


Forever 21 Launches Forever 21 Plus Instagram Page!

Forever 21 Plus Instagram

Maisha here and I am so excited to share with you some amazing fashion news.  So not only has Forever 21+ recently dropped some hot fire via their Forever 21 Plus Spring 2016 Collection that included an assortment of 70s inspired gear and structured swimwear, but now there’s a Forever 21 Plus Instagram page!