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From the Vault: How to Wear White At Any Size

True, certain colors can put our less than favorable parts on a spotlight, but if you love a color that doesn’t exactly love you back, there are still ways to add it in your wardrobe. Since white is both a major theme shown on the Spring 2011 runway as well as a source of frustration for many, we’ll focus on it in this post.


Ask Danielle: Dresses That Cover Thighs, Belly, and Arms

I realize this pic of Amber Riley isn't covering her arms and it's too dressy for a graduation but that ruching at the waist is doing the most, honey!

The Style and Beauty Doctor reader Azaliyah writes in asking, “I have to look for a cute graduation dress that will cover my big tummy, big arms, and thick thighs. Do you have any ideas?

Hey Azaliyah!

Congrats, grad!

I have to sing the praises of good draping and ruching details that helped to disguise your not-so-favorite body parts. Can I tell you that I LIVE for drapin/ruching around the tummy area for days when I take my carb-intake factor all the way up?

Draping and ruching is very stylish (think Grecian-inspired) and as long as the dress gently cinches in at the waist, it won’t look like you’re wearing a bath robe…lol.

Here’s some ideas to get you started on your graduation dress search:

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Ask Danielle: Stylish Summer Dresses that Hide Legs and Arms

The Style and Beauty Doctor reader Kendra wrote in asking, “My legs and arms could use some work and until I achieve my fitness goals, I have to steer clear of mini dresses & sleeveless dresses. Can you please suggest stylish knee length short sleeve or cap sleeve summer dresses?

First I have to you an apology, Kendra, for not noticing your question right away. I typically check email from my Blackberry since I’m often on the go and don’t always remember to check anything I couldn’t answer right away when I’m settled. With all the madness that was The Makeup Show I totally didn’t remember to go back and check my past emails. Please don’t hate me…lol.

Anyway, I would actually advise against cap sleeve dresses if you’re trying to draw attention away from your arms. Cap sleeves are quite hard to pull off as they tend to cut the arm off at its widest area making the arm appear bigger than it really is. You’d actually be better off with a sleeveless dress than a cap sleeved one. But if you just can’t bear the idea of going sleeveless, what I would look into are dresses that have 3/4 length or longer sleeves. Look for draping and ruching which are great ways to hide any area you think may need more work plus it looks totally stylish.

Knee lengths and longer are great for disguising the legs. Be sure to pair them with either nude shoes (and by nude I mean ones close to your skin tone) for a look that really lengthens the leg, or try wedges or platform pumps. You can wear a flat sandal but make sure any shoe you choose doesn’t have any kind of detailing like an ankle strap which can cut the length of the leg off (horizontal lines like an ankle strap make objects appear shorter and wider). The idea is to show as much leg or “visual” leg as possible.

When going shopping, look for silhouettes and styles like these:

Happy shopping, Kendra! Let me know if you have more questions :)

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5 Quick Ways to Look Leaner and Taller with Clothes

Wanna look leaner and taller within minutes? Try these five tips…


Holiday Dresses for Your Body Type

It’s that time of year! If you had no clue what the best type of holiday dress is for your body type, I’ve got you covered.

CONTINUE READING for more tips and dress ideas

Dresses For Your Body Type

dresses for your shape2

dresses for your shape 3

Dress Tips:
* If you have a boyish shape, look for dresses with details like pleats and frills to give the appearance of curves.

* If you have an hour glass shape, look for dresses that accentuate your waist.

* If you’re petite look for no fuss options that come no longer than 2 inches below the knee to avoid looking like you’re playing dress up in your mommy’s closet. Heels are your BFF.

* If you’re pear shaped, look for dresses that bring the attention to your small upper body while avoiding busy patterns or loud colors that emphasis your bottom half.

* If you’re plus size, know your body shape (you can be a plus-sized boyish frame or a plus-sized hour glass, etc.). But stay away from fabrics that are too loose and hang away from the body to avoid adding on visual pounds.

* If you’re top heavy, go for dresses that have sleek bodices with open necklines (v-necks, sweetheart, u-necks) and that have some flare at the bottom which will visually balance your bottom half with your buxom top half.

* If you want to disguise your arms, go for dresses that have flowy fabrics that drape around the arms. Short sleeves are very tricky to pull off with full arms because they often end right where the arm is fullest–instead either go sleeveless, 3/4 sleeve, or long-sleeve

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