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Summer Shorts for Your Body Type

The season of shorts is upon us! If the thought of wearing them makes you cringe because you have no clue which ones work with your body type, read on!

Big Tummy: Look for shorts that sit slightly below the waist line–they’ll offer more comfort for a big tummy as well as give it room to breath. Avoid high waists and any short that’s too small in the waist—it’ll emphasis the size of your belly. A high waist can make your tummy look like it’s oozing out while a too small waist equals muffin top.


Weekend Outfit Idea: A Dressy Casual Look that Work on Every Body

If your weekend plans call for something casual with an element of dressy, I’ve got the outfit for you! Incorporate 70s style with a flowy pussy bow blouse and wide leg jeans but to keep it from a literal 1970 translation, add edgy elements like an asymmetrical coat (like the Lendra Coat from AllSaints) and funky jewelry like a stack of bangles from Belle Noel. For shoes instead of the usual platform pump, a heeled hiking boot style is perfect to finish this look.


Stylish Post-Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas That Camouflage

Eating just a piece of the wrong food can practically ruin two days of outfits. I would know—after eating relatively well all day Sunday and Monday, I just HAD to have Chinese food (the kind they don’t actually eat themselves) despite my hesitation and wound up with my stomach bloating up to about the size of Beyoncé‘s bump. Not only is that uncomfortable, but it totally changes your outfit options. Since Thanksgiving can be one of the most carby days of the year, chances are you’ll be a victim of the bloat come Friday, too.


Holiday Outfit Ideas That Camouflage Thanksgiving Belly Bulge

OMG—Thanksgiving is next week! Where did 2011 go? Sheesh. Normally around this time of year, I’d be gearing up to go to Georgia to have Thanksgiving with my family (we’re originally from Trinidad but my sis and her family moved down there some years ago), but this year will be the first where I won’t be spending the Day of Glorious Eats with them. I have some projects I need to finish up–I hope they can cope with my absence somehow. *plays world’s smallest violin*


What to Wear When You Feel “Blah”

While we strive to look our best most of the time, there are those times when we just feel like blaaaaaah. As women we know those times very well–either we’re bloated, moody, or feel like we gained 20 pounds in a 24-hour time span—we know it all too well.

So what’s a girl to do?

Since looking frumpy despite our ‘tude is not an option, here’s some ways to look fab through the funk…


Ask Danielle: “I Need to Fit Into My Bridesmaid Dress!”

The Style and Beauty Doctor reader Mckenzie asks, “Hi Danielle, First off, love your site! Keep up the good work :). Now on to business lol. I was wondering if you could do a post on shape wear. I’m the maid of honor in my friend’s wedding in November and while I was out of the country she purchased the dress I will be wearing, so I had no chance to try it on (who does that to a person?). It’s a body con dress and I would love to go up a size from what she bought. Unfortunately, the store she bought the dress from does not do returns or exchanges (it just keeps getting better huh lol). Now the dress fits, but it is very unforgiving to my little pooch in the tummy area, which I’m currently trying to attack @ the gym lol. However, if my love of all things fried ends up winning out over my battle in the gym, I was hoping some good shape wear would be my next best friend. Problem is, I don’t know where to start in the land of lycra/spandex. Help!