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75+ Black Fashion Bloggers (of All Sizes) #OutfitsInOctober

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So of course I had to open #OutfitsInOctober with a host of Black fashion bloggers. I’m OBSESSED with style bloggers. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve bought something thanks to something a style blogger had on. But, and you don’t need me to tell you this, too often Black style bloggers aren’t represented as much as our counterparts. An excuse people sometimes use are “there aren’t that many Black style bloggers.” BULL. I was able to quickly rattle off this list based on who I follow on Instagram and this is only a fraction—there are way more Black fashion bloggers than this of course (and please leave a comment with your faves below).

Stay tuned for more #OutfitsInOctober—all this month long there’s going to be a fashion OVERLOAD on this blog and on my Youtube channel!


Summer Shorts for Your Body Type

The season of shorts is upon us! If the thought of wearing them makes you cringe because you have no clue which ones work with your body type, read on!

Big Tummy: Look for shorts that sit slightly below the waist line–they’ll offer more comfort for a big tummy as well as give it room to breath. Avoid high waists and any short that’s too small in the waist—it’ll emphasis the size of your belly. A high waist can make your tummy look like it’s oozing out while a too small waist equals muffin top.


Weekend Outfit Idea: A Dressy Casual Look that Work on Every Body

If your weekend plans call for something casual with an element of dressy, I’ve got the outfit for you! Incorporate 70s style with a flowy pussy bow blouse and wide leg jeans but to keep it from a literal 1970 translation, add edgy elements like an asymmetrical coat (like the Lendra Coat from AllSaints) and funky jewelry like a stack of bangles from Belle Noel. For shoes instead of the usual platform pump, a heeled hiking boot style is perfect to finish this look.


Try This On: J Brand Pencil Leg Jeans

Back when I helped Rue La La present The Rue 30, I wound up having to send back the Rachel Roy skirt I bought (because my hips were held captive in it) and in exchange I got a $165 voucher to Meatpacking District’s Denim Habit store for just $65. I needed a new pair of black skinny jeans since the Paige Premium Denim ones I had loved for years died in a tragic accident. *sigh*

I knew I wanted J Brand because as a tall (5’9″) woman with long legs and juicy thighs, it’s one of the brands where every pair I’ve owned were kind to my hips and my ankles (I need length, maaaan). The lovely salesgirl at Denim Habit suggested I try the J Brand Pencil Leg (it comes in low-rise and mid-rise–I got low-rise). I normally wear a 29 waist, but since the fit on these are even slimmer than skinny jeans, I went up to a 31 so they wouldn’t look super skin tight (and I wouldn’t look like a busted can of biscuits).

These jeans are soooo awesome! The 2% Lycra are a girl’s dream and they look good on both boyish shapes and ladies whose hips don’t lie. They’re great when paired with something with more volume up top like a swing or cape coat or a flowy blouse. Because of the more tapered fit, they’re a better alternative to stretch pants as pants (grrrr). Plus the length is perfect—I still had some extra inches that on my height and shorter looks cute scrunched and on those taller than 5’9″ and up to say 6’1″ would be long enough to cover your ankles.

I will basically be wearing these all the time now. Don’t be surprised if you see me a couple of times and every time it’s with these jeans. Like, all the other jeans in my wardrobe will be pissed.

How to Wear Print Jeans

Bored with your solid color skinnies? Do like Nicole Richie and switch it up with a printed jean! While the Hollywood socialite is wearing a pair by Isabel Marant, many designers and retailers at various price points offer the look in a myriad of prints.

Check out my picks in the widget below:

Print Jean Style Tips:
* This style looks best in tapered or skinny jean styles. Prints on wider leg styles can look overdone and dated.
* Be sure your print is to scale. In other words, the smaller your frame, the smaller the print; the larger your frame, the larger your print. Why? Because a tiny print can make a larger frame look even larger and a too large one can swallow a petite frame.
* Let the jean be the focus of the outfit. No need to start a competition within your outfit—if you opt for this type of jean, let it shine and keep everything else relatively understated. It looks great with platform pumps, a scoop neck tee, topped off with either a comfy cardigan or a well-tailored blazer. Or even go with a chunky sweater with volume to balance the tapered leg.
* If you have thicker hips or thighs, be sure your top falls below the widest part of your hips. Anything higher will throw off the balance in your outfit and shape.

Have more questions on how to rock this look? Leave them in the comments or contact me!

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Ask Danielle: Skinny Jeans and Booties on a Curvy Body

The Style and Beauty Doctor reader Kayla writes, “Hi Danielle, I have a question: I am 5’4, 155 curvy (Marilyn curvy) size8/10 and I want to rock the skinny jeans and booties look for an upcoming casual church event. Would you be so kind as to post pictures or gives some tips on how to PROPERLY and TASTEFULLY do this. I’ve seen some very bad examples and do not wish to fall into that category! Keep up the excellent work!