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Rocking a Bomber Jacket: 3 Ways + Fall Fashion Blogger Tour! #OutfitsInOctober


#OutfitsInOctober is still underway! Today we’re talking one of fall’s biggest trends, the bomber jacket.


75+ Black Fashion Bloggers (of All Sizes) #OutfitsInOctober

black fashion bloggers instagram

So of course I had to open #OutfitsInOctober with a host of Black fashion bloggers. I’m OBSESSED with style bloggers. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve bought something thanks to something a style blogger had on. But, and you don’t need me to tell you this, too often Black style bloggers aren’t represented as much as our counterparts. An excuse people sometimes use are “there aren’t that many Black style bloggers.” BULL. I was able to quickly rattle off this list based on who I follow on Instagram and this is only a fraction—there are way more Black fashion bloggers than this of course (and please leave a comment with your faves below).

Stay tuned for more #OutfitsInOctober—all this month long there’s going to be a fashion OVERLOAD on this blog and on my Youtube channel!


5 Things to Buy to Update Your Work Wardrobe for Spring

via June Ambrose's Instagram

via June Ambrose’s Instagram

If you feel like your work wardrobe needs a little help for spring, you are on the right blog! *wink* Though it may not look like it if you live in a similarly weathered place like NYC, spring is right around the corner. Typically the work wardrobe is the first thing to get a case of the “blahs” so to help boost your fashion at work, here’s five things to buy to update your wardrobe…


So You Bought Leather Pants, Here’s Some Ideas on How to Style Them!


A pair of leather (or vegan leather) pants is a must-have for any wardrobe no matter your size or shape. Why? Well because they can be dressed up or dressed down, they go with just about anything, and mostly because they look cool (*wink*). So if you bought a pair (or seriously considering) then here’s some ideas on how to style them.


Translating Spring 2013 Trends into YOUR Wardrobe (for All Sizes)

spring 2013 trends

Blink and spring will be here (so I’m hoping for MAD collective blinks because I am NOT looking forward to getting back to NYC later this month and the weather is all cold and wilderness-like) and with a new season comes a new set of trends. Looking at some of the runway shows, it isn’t always apparent to everyone how to translate a trend into your real-life wardrobe and this is exactly where I come in ;)

Let’s go over some of spring 2013’s fashion trends and how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle. Check it out…


Wear This to Work Tomorrow

You know just because I wear my pajamas to work (I work from home and my commute is literally roll out of bed and walk like 10 feet to the computer…lol), doesn’t mean I can’t help you with stylish work outfits no matter what type of industry you work in. You can check out all work wardrobe related posts here.

Fashion at work is so important because I remember dressing exactly the way I felt when I did work in an office. If I felt dumpy and tired, I dressed dumpy and tired. If I felt like I was ready to make some sales, I wore something fitted…lol. Dressing well for work brings up morale I believe—so who cares if you’re not in the “ideal” job. Dress like you’re at your dream job ;)