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75+ Black Fashion Bloggers (of All Sizes) #OutfitsInOctober

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So of course I had to open #OutfitsInOctober with a host of Black fashion bloggers. I’m OBSESSED with style bloggers. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve bought something thanks to something a style blogger had on. But, and you don’t need me to tell you this, too often Black style bloggers aren’t represented as much as our counterparts. An excuse people sometimes use are “there aren’t that many Black style bloggers.” BULL. I was able to quickly rattle off this list based on who I follow on Instagram and this is only a fraction—there are way more Black fashion bloggers than this of course (and please leave a comment with your faves below).

Stay tuned for more #OutfitsInOctober—all this month long there’s going to be a fashion OVERLOAD on this blog and on my Youtube channel!


Weekend Outfit Idea: A Dressy Casual Look that Work on Every Body

If your weekend plans call for something casual with an element of dressy, I’ve got the outfit for you! Incorporate 70s style with a flowy pussy bow blouse and wide leg jeans but to keep it from a literal 1970 translation, add edgy elements like an asymmetrical coat (like the Lendra Coat from AllSaints) and funky jewelry like a stack of bangles from Belle Noel. For shoes instead of the usual platform pump, a heeled hiking boot style is perfect to finish this look.


Fall Tops for Your Boob Situation

As much as I love crew necks and ruffled tops, my DDs just look “stuffed” in them. Being a girl with sizable uh, boobs, means that certain tops/necklines just don’t flatter me but that’s ok because there’s a ton that do. Ditto ladies with smaller bust lines—there are just some tops that just look better while others just don’t do you justice. In this post we’ll go over some quick tips for your boob situation and offer some examples of styles you should look for. As always, if you have a question, leave it in the comments or contact me.

Small breasts: If you want to vamp up a small chest, look for ruffles and other textures at the neckline to visually created more curves at your bust. Also, exposing the top of your cleavage can make your chest appear larger.

Big breasts: If you want to deemphasize a big bust, look for open necklines like V-necks or U-necks to help “seperate” your boobs and make them visually smaller. You can also add personality in your outfit through vivid colored or printed skirts and pants.

Uneven breasts: There are a number of inserts you can put inside your bra to help even out your shape. Also look into mastectomy bras.

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From the Vault: How to Wear White At Any Size

True, certain colors can put our less than favorable parts on a spotlight, but if you love a color that doesn’t exactly love you back, there are still ways to add it in your wardrobe. Since white is both a major theme shown on the Spring 2011 runway as well as a source of frustration for many, we’ll focus on it in this post.


Swimsuits for Your Body Type

Summer’s here and it’s time to go swimsuit shopping! If looking for a new suit gets you nervous (it’s understandable–there’s just so many choices out there), check out this quick guide that’ll help you not only narrow down your choices, but keep you looking fab no matter your body type!