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Old Coat, New Looks: SUPER Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Outerwear

how to upgrade your old winter coat

Man, I am OBSESSED with coats. It’s obviously my winter fashion staple because um, hello, I live in NYC and it gets disrespectfully cold here at times, but also because a cool winter coat can make any outfit infinitely more “fashion.”


TSABD at Home: My Office Fashion Closet Makeover Preview!

fashion closet makeover before post

Welcome to the first TSABD at Home! Like I mentioned in an earlier post about blogging differently this year, you can expect these type of posts (when available) on Thursdays. I’ll also be alternating fun trend posts (also when available) on Thursdays as well. Make sure you’re subscribed to the blog to get update notifications right in your inbox so you don’t miss a thing ;)


Wear this to Work Tomorrow: The Stylish “Suit”

stylish suit work outfit idea

Happy Wear to Work Wednesday!!!

So I have suit in quotes here because this week’s Fashion at Work inspo isn’t a suit in the traditional sense of the word—these pieces didn’t come together—they’re not even sold at the same stores…lol. But this was a fashionable nod to the work suit and goes to show you can really mix things up with your work wardrobe if you maximize your pieces.


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Wear this to Work Tomorrow: Grey, Poppy, and WARM


Happy first Wear to Work Wednesday post of the new year! These colder months can be tough because you might be super tempted to forsake looking fashionable for being warm. But what if I told you that you could do…BOTH?!?!


Black-Owned Biz Holiday Gift Guide


I absolutely LOVE this time of year as I’m sure you can tell with all the holiday posts I’ve been putting up. If you missed my other gift guides, holiday outfit ideas, holiday makeup tutorials, and more, check it out here.