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Fashion on Friday: The Feather Statement Belt

bcbg feather belt

I got this feather belt on super sale at BCBG a few years ago. I didn’t have an immediate need for it when I bought it, but I KNEW it would be put to great use in my wardrobe. One thing I will always keep buying even as my spending on clothing slowly decreases (well, compared to how I used to spend) are statement accessories.


The Best Panties to Wear with Your Favorite Outfits

Panties Guide which panties to wear with which outfits

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s and I received compensation from Kohl’s.

Remember when I said I’d be blogging differently this year? In many of my posts this year I’ll be going hard with my Image Consulting background—a lot of the original postings I’d publish on this blog many moons ago when I first started this blog in 2007, i.e. dressing for your body type.


Fashion on Friday: Casual and Festive Out in Brooklyn


I shot these back in November with my buddy Nas of Nasilele Photography. I’m super casual when it comes to dressing (or at least now I am after wearing suits almost everyday for ten years in my former finance life…lol) but I do love being festive. Animal prints, sequins, and metallics are among my faves so I put them all together and we shot these pics in Bed Stuy, BK baby! (But let it be known I’m still Queens through and through, okay!) lol


“Skateboarding” on Friday: Pink Fur and Jane’s Carousel


I don’t know what’s up with me today but I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING. It’s crazy—I was supposed to wake up at 5 AM to start the day and finish up work I have due for this week, but I instead wound up hitting the snooze like cray and woke up a little after 9, totally missed my workout class, and I’m completely lackluster and really have no energy for anything. And what makes it worse is that I’m leaving around 4 AM tomorrow to drive halfway to GA (staying overnight in VA and then finishing the trip to GA on Sunday) so I need to have everything done pretty quickly. BUT I DON’T FEEL LIKE DOING ANYTHING :(


Fashion on Friday: Over the Knee Boots and Isabel Marant for H&M in LIC


Last week I made a last minute decision to shop the Isabel Marant for H&M collection—got there at like 8:45 and was able to just walk right in without a crowd and without a shopping time limit. I wound up getting a sweater from the men’s section (all the good ones from the women’s section were gone anyway…lol) and decided to give it a run when shooting with Roopa out in Long Island City.


Fashion on Friday: Leopard and Gold Near Grand Central Station


I know it’s supposed to be cold in November but got damn was it cold last weekend when I shot these with Roopa. If the weather wasn’t such a tease I think I’d be able to properly ease my way into late fall/winter, but that’s not happening because while it was in the 30s and 40s much of this week—it’ll be close to 60 in the coming days. SMH. I’m used to NYC of yore when you needed a proper coat by end of October and you knew what you were getting into until say like end of March. Gotta love global warming!