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Upgrade Your Summer Look for $20 or LESS

affordable summer fashion accessories

Who says you need to empty your savings to look fly this summer? N-O-B-O-D-Y. With the right accessories you can update your summer look instantly and without having to refinance your home to do so. Check out some of my picks for summer accessories $20 or less.


My Weekend Topshop & H&M Jewelry Mini Haul

hm topshop jewelry haul

Like many of my shopping trips, I hadn’t intended on going into any of these stores but I took my car to get serviced and I had to run into Manhattan to grab a pair of shoes Schutz had for me (see pics of some pairs I received here, here, here, here, and here) so I hopped on the LIRR. But since I had to walk over towards Broadway to transfer to the R, I figured I might as well check out the new H&M at Herald Square (because we surely don’t have enough H&Ms in NYC—shoot, in Herald Square for that matter…lol).


My Style: Borrowing From the Boys (Again)

black fashion style blogger Danielle celine shadow sunglasses h&m mens White Shorts black crop tank

A few months ago I had to seriously stop myself from going straight for the men’s section when I go shopping…lol. I did okay for a bit, but then I kinda peeked one time and found some cool pieces at H&M men’s. Being a tall girl with plenty boobs and thighs who also likes a more downtown-y feel when it comes to clothing, sometimes the men’s section is the BEST place to find staples like sweatshirts whose sleeves actually go beyond my wrists, pants and shorts that hang the way I want them to, and actual boyfriend-fitting jackets. But because I might have a body more fitting for bodycon this and bodycon that (which is okay occasionally but I prefer to be more downtown), sometimes too much menswear can stifle my womanly parts. So to make sure there’s balance in my outfits (because you always need balance), I’ll mix in a girly piece.


My Style: Camo Pants & Red Lips

Danielle gray the style and beauty doctor Camo SHorts outfit GSZ-2

Over the last four years I’ve worked from home—this meant that I went from wearing suits just about everyday to barely getting out of my pajamas before 3 PM. I’d get dressed of course on days when I had press appointments or other events, but I’d be in such a time crunch, I didn’t really have time to document what I wore unless I came across a good selfie mirror…lol. But I’m now trying this thing where I actually get dressed 2-3 times a week and work from my friend Nas of Nasilele Photography‘s studio in Brooklyn and this is the first of I’m hoping many more outfit posts to come (fingers crossed because a girl gets sleepy around 2 PM and needs her naps…lol). I’m also using this as a way to get more usage and inspiration from some of the stuff I have in my closet—it’s kinda like a long drawn out outfit directory similar to the one Cher had in Clueless.


All the FAB Green Things to Put in Your Wardrobe

emerald green

Photo: Pinterest

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I purged my wardrobe over the weekend—getting rid of things I don’t remember why I even considered buying let alone actually bought and took up residence in my closet. I try to purge every season because my goal is always to have the least amount of clothes as possible—I know that sounds ridiculous from someone who LOVES clothes, but I strive to get all the right pieces that I can wear over and over again while allowing a few trend pieces. So while sorting through my loot, I realized I need to seriously add more green to my wardrobe. I don’t nearly have enough. So as I’ve been shopping around my fave stores and looking through Pinterest, I think I now have a master list of things to choose from—all inspired by the intoxicating scent of Caress® Emerald Rush™ Fresh Collection Body Wash.


Wear This to Work Tomorrow…

peplum jacket work outfit idea

It’s Wear to Work Wednesday! This week I’m all obsessed with pairing peplum jackets with circle or trumpet skirts hence today’s inspiration. But what I’m also obsessed with is paring slightly edgier jewelry along with a more “dressed up” outfit. So I paired this gorgeous structured floral print jacket and girly skirt with tougher elements like the ring to wrist bracelet and the winged earrings. It’s similar to how I styled my recent white dress outfit I wore to Lucky FABB.