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TSABD Trend: 4 Accessories to Up Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe Game

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There’s no need to buy a ton of new clothes for the spring/summer season. You can simply upgrade your faithful standbys with some fun new accessories. I used to be of the “let me run to the mall and spend like $500+ on new clothes for the season” school of fashion, but those days are long and gone…lol. I’m over here watching what I’m eating so I can shed the pounds I gained because I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO BUY NEW SPRING CLOTHES…lol. OK—I’ll buy a *few* things, but they will be VERY strategic purchases. But you can make what you have work over and over and OVER again with key accessories. Here are a few to check for this spring/summer.


TSABD Trend: The Non-Neutral Bag for Spring

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I used to be someone who owned 50 million bags and while I still probably own more than I need, I like to have a smaller, more carefully edited bag stash. This means that I need my bags to be of good quality, really suit my personal style, and they need to go with a majority of the clothes I have in my closet.

And for my style, I can’t just have a simple black or brown bag—I need COLOR. And yep, bold colors can very much play as “neutrals” when it comes to your bag stash. Down with this line of thinking? Keep reading to check out some bags that fit the bill.


Holiday Gift Guide: FAB Fashion & Beauty Gifts $20 or LESS


Think you have to spend a ton to make a great impression with your holiday gifts? Nah, kid. You can give some amazing gifts without having to give up on your budget and I’ll show you how. Everything in this entire post (even the grouping of gifts) are $20 or LESS. Yasssss


Um, Zara Zodiac Bags Have Dropped


Hey guys! Jade here.

This year was all about the astrology fad. Whether you were being told by a beauty magazine to buy a certain skincare product based on your sign or what eyeshadow color works – it was everywhere. And I was all for it. So as usual, when I first caught a glimpse of the new Zara Horoscope purse collection I was in love! Each of the 12 signs are featured in the collection and the bags are embroidered with feathers, pearls and studded accents for a chic addition to your outfit. You can style the bag as a clutch or a cross body and each go for under $40 – you can’t beat that.


My Woodbury Common Holiday Shopping Haul

woodbury common nyc holiday shopping haul

I LOVE outlet shopping. Don’t you? I mean, I love any kind of shopping I can get, but when it comes to finding some really good deals at an outlet, it’s like getting an A+ on that test you didn’t study for…lol. I recently shopped Woodbury Common Premium Outlets (one of my FAVORITE outlets EVER) armed with some gift cards and a mission to find the best holiday gifts for the folks near and dear on my list. And if I found a thing or two (or three or ten) for myself, all the merrier.


Plotting out My Fall Fashion Must Haves

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Though I declared that I’m not letting summer end (I tweeted it so that makes it official), I do have to say I find much joy in getting ready for my fall wardrobe. There is no glee like plotting how you’ll spend your discretionary income on one of the best seasons for fashion. Or at least that’s my glee…lol