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9 Things You Do NOT Want to Miss at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (It Ends Sunday!)

nordstrom anniversary sale 2015

Fellow shoppers, we’re at a critical moment here. In just a few days the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale—the annual event where Nordstrom generously discounts brand new items for the upcoming season for a short period of time and also introduces special Nordstrom exclusive beauty sets and deals—will be coming to a close. Many of you probably have shopped the sale, but if you’re a shopping enthusiast like me, the last few days of the sale might have you like “Wait, did I miss anything????” To help alleviate you from any instances of FOMO (fear of missing out) I made a short list of nine items you don’t want to miss before the prices go up on Monday, August 3rd.


3 Ways to Wear White Jeans {Pics + Video}

hm girlfriend jeans white

I’d been on the HUNT for white jeans for the longest. Yes, there’s tons of white jeans options out there, but I wanted something very specific yet pretty basic but it was tough to find at first. I wanted distressed jeans with either a skinny or slight boyfriend fit. I definitely wanted something that would reach my ankles (often times cropped pants can make me look wider than I am because I have thick thighs) and at 5’9″ that can be tough unless I find stuff in the tall section. I ordered from ASOS, shopped at Topshop and H&M and a bunch of other stores in NYC I can’t recall right now and they were all a BUST. But you know where I found my PERFECT white jeans? At an H&M in Kennesaw, GA last month when I was in town for my niece’s graduation…lol.


My 2014 Style Rewind

danielle gray the style and beauty doctor 2014 style rewind

2014 was a pretty interesting year for my style. I went from tomboy-ish and oversized to form-fitting and feminine-ish…lol. I also lost some weight (see how I did it here) and while I probably should have been following my own advice about how to dress when losing or gaining weight, I did not and was kinda buying clothes all the time…lol. Like I’d go down a size and buy something new immediately knowing full well that I wasn’t near goal weight yet. Ugh, but it was so fun and the clothes kept calling me…lol.


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5 Summer Outfit Ideas Under $100!


I love summer—weather-wise it’s my favorite season. And while I do love a good summer outfit, I prefer to hold most of my pennies for all the awesomeness that is fall sweaters, booties, and winter coats. If you’re like me (and I feel like you might be!) then here’s five summer outfit ideas where each ensemble totals under $100. Actually it’s more like $87.52 and under…lol. Check it out…


80+ White Jeans for all Sizes and Budgets


OK—so we’re officially in the summer season and you know what’s hot right now? WHITE JEANS! Yes, I know white jeans are often an area of fashion that invokes fear in many of us, but with so many styles out there (I’m partial to the white boyfriend jean) and size options, you can’t help but to own a pair or two—or three. *wink*


The Outfit You Wear When It’s “Blah” Out

orange blazer boyfriend jeans outfit

You know those days when it’s all blah outside and all you want to do is roll back in the bed except you can’t? Yeah, a day like it is today in NYC—somewhat chilly and rain crashing out of the sky. You may want to just pull on some sweats and a hat, but I beg you not to! Instead brighten up your disposition with an easy and casual outfit containing a bold colored blazer, boyfriend jeans, a comfy tank and a sleek pair of oxfords.


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