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TSABD Trend: 5 UN-Basic “Basic” Shoes for Work (and Beyond)

Un-Basic -Basic- Shoes for Work (and Beyond!)

Heyyy, ya’ll!

Welcome to the first #TSABDTrend

So when I announced I’d be blogging differently this year (read the post here if you missed it), I made mention that TSABD Trend would be a series I post on Thursdays (when available—alternatively I also post my TSABD at Home posts on Thursdays when available as well) where I showcase some sort of a fashion trend. For today’s inaugural post I’ll be talking about some un-basic “basic” shoes for work. Ready? Leggo!


My Black Friday & Cyber Monday “Haul”

glam holiday party outfit idea-5

I swore I wasn’t going to buy anything for Black Friday or Cyber Monday—that’s because I got wind of many of the deals early on and decided I didn’t need anything. Then of course some brands were super silent about their deals and when they hit I was at my computer like this…


9 Things You Do NOT Want to Miss at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (It Ends Sunday!)

nordstrom anniversary sale 2015

Fellow shoppers, we’re at a critical moment here. In just a few days the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale—the annual event where Nordstrom generously discounts brand new items for the upcoming season for a short period of time and also introduces special Nordstrom exclusive beauty sets and deals—will be coming to a close. Many of you probably have shopped the sale, but if you’re a shopping enthusiast like me, the last few days of the sale might have you like “Wait, did I miss anything????” To help alleviate you from any instances of FOMO (fear of missing out) I made a short list of nine items you don’t want to miss before the prices go up on Monday, August 3rd.


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Canadian Tuxedos + Schutz Shoes

denim on denim outfit Pink Schutz juliana-3

Yup, you can rock denim on denim—aka the Canadian tuxedo—without looking like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake way back when at the MTV Awards. In fact I wore this same denim shirt with my fave Gap boyfriend shorts (which I need to get taken in because they’re too big for me now—I mean I bought them a size or two bigger than I needed to get the slouch I wanted but now that I’ve lost some weight, they’re WAY too big and Gap hasn’t made this exact style since I got them) when I snapped pics around Chicago last summer with Nas.


5 Types of Shoes to Have in Your Closet

shoes to have in your closet

I own a gazillion pairs of shoes but if I were to be forced to downsize for whatever reason, there’s about five types I’d have to have. So because I love shoes and I’m creating more fashion videos on my Youtube channel (make sure you subscribe!) I decided to do a quick, fun video highlighting the types of shoes to have in your closet.


My 2014 Style Rewind

danielle gray the style and beauty doctor 2014 style rewind

2014 was a pretty interesting year for my style. I went from tomboy-ish and oversized to form-fitting and feminine-ish…lol. I also lost some weight (see how I did it here) and while I probably should have been following my own advice about how to dress when losing or gaining weight, I did not and was kinda buying clothes all the time…lol. Like I’d go down a size and buy something new immediately knowing full well that I wasn’t near goal weight yet. Ugh, but it was so fun and the clothes kept calling me…lol.


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