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TSABD Trend: 4 Accessories to Up Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe Game

spring wardrobe updates 2 copy

There’s no need to buy a ton of new clothes for the spring/summer season. You can simply upgrade your faithful standbys with some fun new accessories. I used to be of the “let me run to the mall and spend like $500+ on new clothes for the season” school of fashion, but those days are long and gone…lol. I’m over here watching what I’m eating so I can shed the pounds I gained because I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO BUY NEW SPRING CLOTHES…lol. OK—I’ll buy a *few* things, but they will be VERY strategic purchases. But you can make what you have work over and over and OVER again with key accessories. Here are a few to check for this spring/summer.


Restyling My Fave Trench for Early Spring

style trench for spring danielle3Spring-11

I bought this trench from Monki in Stockholm last summer during their July sale. I think I paid maybe $20-30 for it though I was originally eyeing it on ASOS for over $100 before I spotted it in Monki. I also wore it in this style post last fall. I. LOVE. THIS. TRENCH. I made a boo boo when I first got it home and burned the bottom of it when I ironed it because it was super wrinkled from being in my suitcase. I like to pretend the iron burn isn’t there so if you somehow spot it in these pics, pretend like you don’t see it, too…lol.


I’m on HSN Talking Spring Fashion!


I’m SO excited to be working with HSN showcasing some of their fresh new spring fashion trends!

I’m on talking about the All Day Active trend!

Please show me some love by clicking over HERE to see the full post :)


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TSABD Trend: The Non-Neutral Bag for Spring

julia jarr samois j crew ad

I used to be someone who owned 50 million bags and while I still probably own more than I need, I like to have a smaller, more carefully edited bag stash. This means that I need my bags to be of good quality, really suit my personal style, and they need to go with a majority of the clothes I have in my closet.

And for my style, I can’t just have a simple black or brown bag—I need COLOR. And yep, bold colors can very much play as “neutrals” when it comes to your bag stash. Down with this line of thinking? Keep reading to check out some bags that fit the bill.


Not Gonna Lie, I Want to Try the New Birkenstock Trend

zara jeweled birkenstocks

Zara’s take on the trend

I have a thing for ugly-cute shoes. And my latest thing is for this resurgence of Birkenstocks happening in fashion right now. The once deemed “crunchy granola” hippie shoe (okay—it might still be deemed that in some of your eyes…lol) is now making its way through the fashion circuit with designers like Prada, Celine, and Marni giving their rendition of the “classic” shoe. Not that I’d pay designer prices for this trend, but there’s versions at brands like Steve Madden and Zara that I’m plotting on.


Skorts Are Back and I’m Loving It!

navy blue skort origami skirt short

Photo: Pinterest

I really wish my eyes can un-see all the pretty new spring clothes I keep seeing (this season is SOOOO good) because you know, I like to not have to live out on these concrete streets despite them being made of dreams. I require things like heat and hot water so even with all the things I do buy, I have to put a firm smack down on my wallet or I’d be out there asking you for change on the F train. SMH.


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