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TSABD Trend: 4 Accessories to Up Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe Game

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There’s no need to buy a ton of new clothes for the spring/summer season. You can simply upgrade your faithful standbys with some fun new accessories. I used to be of the “let me run to the mall and spend like $500+ on new clothes for the season” school of fashion, but those days are long and gone…lol. I’m over here watching what I’m eating so I can shed the pounds I gained because I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO BUY NEW SPRING CLOTHES…lol. OK—I’ll buy a *few* things, but they will be VERY strategic purchases. But you can make what you have work over and over and OVER again with key accessories. Here are a few to check for this spring/summer.


90s Fashion Choker Lookbook! (Upgrade Your Style for Less Than $7)


We just finished talking about overalls, but another 90s trend I’m excited about this season is the choker! Yours truly went HAM buying a bunch of chokers back in September so I decided to show them to you guys in a choker lookbook video.


How to Rock a Trend the 2nd Time Around: 90s Overalls and Chokers


So you know how “they” say if you were old enough to rock a trend the first time around, you should skip it when it comes back again? I’m not (or at least I’m no longer not) someone who subscribes to “age rules.” When I was a kid, they would tell women over the age of about 40 that they should cut their hair above their shoulders in the workplace. You see how that one went down, right? LOL. But there is a only a teeny bit of truth about the trend thing and age. When wearing a trend now that you wore back in the day, you want to take a more modern, fresh take on it when wearing it now.


See What I Bought: Mini Fall Fashion HAUL! #OutfitsInOctober


This fall’s fashion options have been making me click on everything I see online. There’s a major 90s fashion revival and as someone who was a kid growing up in the 90s and missed out on some of the trends (on a count of I wasn’t old enough yet to wear some and then also on a count of I wore uniforms to school…lol), I’m ECSTATIC about everything…lol. I’ve been buying a few pieces here and there (and everywhere…lol) but recently filmed a mini fall fashion haul video of a few of the things I bought recently. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel and check out the video below!


Rocking a Bomber Jacket: 3 Ways + Fall Fashion Blogger Tour! #OutfitsInOctober


#OutfitsInOctober is still underway! Today we’re talking one of fall’s biggest trends, the bomber jacket.


How to Rock the 70s Boho Chic Trend Without Looking Like a Bad Costume

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One of fall’s biggest fashion trends is 70s boho chic. It’s a pretty cool trend to pull off—but can easily go all the way wrong if you’re not careful. Get it wrong and you look like you’re in a bad Halloween costume. Get it right and you could look like Diana Ross at Studio 54 meets present-day Erykah Badu.