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TSABD at Home: Getting Rid of Clutter + New Home Office Purchases!

beauty blogger office danielle gray the style and beauty doctor
(A screenshot from an upcoming video I filmed in my home office)

Listen, for a good chunk of my life I thought my Virgo wasn’t working right because I was one clutter-ful sucker. Like, how was I really a Virgo—a sign known for being super organized to the point where people roll their eyes about how anal Virgos can be about order—when things like where I live and the car I drive were mostly not in order. Then some years back I read something that talked about how there are “messy” Virgos who rationalize that if they can’t get something to look the way they want, they just won’t do it at all. YO—that was me for years. Still kinda me now.


TSABD at Home: My Office Fashion Closet Makeover Preview!

fashion closet makeover before post

Welcome to the first TSABD at Home! Like I mentioned in an earlier post about blogging differently this year, you can expect these type of posts (when available) on Thursdays. I’ll also be alternating fun trend posts (also when available) on Thursdays as well. Make sure you’re subscribed to the blog to get update notifications right in your inbox so you don’t miss a thing ;)