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TSABD at Home: Recent Purchases & Additions for My Bedroom

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As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been on a roll this year with trying to get this apartment together. I’ve come A LONG way but still have a long way to go as well. My bedroom for one did a complete 180. I purged SO MUCH STUFF, got the floors done, painted it in a bright white shade (which is AMAZING both day and night), got new furniture, and added some other decor items to give it what I call a “Scandinavian-Trinidadian” feel…lol.


One of the MAJOR Things I Love About My 30s

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Talk about confidence—I took this picture on a busy street in Harlem on a Saturday on a January day without flinching…lol

Listen, I hate to gloat about this being in your 30s thing, but gurl…IT. IS. LIT. And from what I hear from my friends who are 40+, it just keeps getting better and better. Like seriously, I wish I knew how amazing my 30s would be when I was in my teens and my 20s. I’d like to think I wouldn’t have taken myself as seriously. Sure, things aren’t all roses in this decade—things like hormonal acne, body aches, and facial hair can throw a monkey wrench in one’s game, but the confidence? My confidence game is through the roof!


Can We Have it ALL?

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CAN we have it all? I mean, I guess this is debatable, but if you ask me: NAH, yo. lol


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TSABD at Home: Bedroom Decor Items I’m OBSESSING Over Right Now

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Photo: Nasilele Photography from this post

So I’m in the process of slowly (VERY slowly) redecorating my apartment. The last two weeks I’ve been purging and repurposing things like crazy. I’m slowly trying to transition into the minimalism life, which is hard because I come from living a life of loving many things…lol. But minimalism is the life for me and aspects of it have helped me to reduce my spending on clothes and makeup. I just need to be able to calm down and learn to appreciate things without needing to own them.


TSABD at Home: I’m Spring Cleaning!

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Remember how I told you I’d be blogging differently this year? I’m loving the type of content I’m able to provide for you guys but like I mentioned in my changes post, it does take longer to put posts up than it did before. Plus this year I’m taking steps to getting my entire life in order–namely redoing my apartment bit by bit on a budget. Over the next week or so, I’ll be purging, accessing what can be repaired or needs to be replaced, and figuring out a recurring plan to keep my life clutter-free and minimal.


TSABD at Home: Getting Rid of Clutter + New Home Office Purchases!

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(A screenshot from an upcoming video I filmed in my home office)

Listen, for a good chunk of my life I thought my Virgo wasn’t working right because I was one clutter-ful sucker. Like, how was I really a Virgo—a sign known for being super organized to the point where people roll their eyes about how anal Virgos can be about order—when things like where I live and the car I drive were mostly not in order. Then some years back I read something that talked about how there are “messy” Virgos who rationalize that if they can’t get something to look the way they want, they just won’t do it at all. YO—that was me for years. Still kinda me now.


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