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Can We Have it ALL?

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CAN we have it all? I mean, I guess this is debatable, but if you ask me: NAH, yo. lol


TSABD at Home: Bedroom Decor Items I’m OBSESSING Over Right Now

hanes boy briefs
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So I’m in the process of slowly (VERY slowly) redecorating my apartment. The last two weeks I’ve been purging and repurposing things like crazy. I’m slowly trying to transition into the minimalism life, which is hard because I come from living a life of loving many things…lol. But minimalism is the life for me and aspects of it have helped me to reduce my spending on clothes and makeup. I just need to be able to calm down and learn to appreciate things without needing to own them.


TSABD at Home: I’m Spring Cleaning!

target threshold plants home decor

Remember how I told you I’d be blogging differently this year? I’m loving the type of content I’m able to provide for you guys but like I mentioned in my changes post, it does take longer to put posts up than it did before. Plus this year I’m taking steps to getting my entire life in order–namely redoing my apartment bit by bit on a budget. Over the next week or so, I’ll be purging, accessing what can be repaired or needs to be replaced, and figuring out a recurring plan to keep my life clutter-free and minimal.


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Wear this to Work Tomorrow: Upgraded Basics with Accessories

statement belt pencil skirt work outfit idea

Happy Wear to Work Wednesday, ya’ll!

So one thing I’ll almost always buy even if I don’t need it right away are statement accessories. They’re enough to totally transform the basic pieces in my closet so I get even more mileage out of my clothes. My favorite statement accessories include faux fur stoles and belts.

A good statement belt can do many, many things for your wardrobe and that’s the focus of this week’s Fashion at Work ensemble. I like to peruse places like BCBG and ASOS for great statement belts but I keep my eyes peeled at all times no matter where I am for great belts.


TSABD Trend: 5 UN-Basic “Basic” Shoes for Work (and Beyond)

Un-Basic -Basic- Shoes for Work (and Beyond!)

Heyyy, ya’ll!

Welcome to the first #TSABDTrend

So when I announced I’d be blogging differently this year (read the post here if you missed it), I made mention that TSABD Trend would be a series I post on Thursdays (when available—alternatively I also post my TSABD at Home posts on Thursdays when available as well) where I showcase some sort of a fashion trend. For today’s inaugural post I’ll be talking about some un-basic “basic” shoes for work. Ready? Leggo!