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Fall 2017 Fashion: What to Buy and a Few Things to Skip

fall 2017 fashion trends

It’s FALL! OK, it’ll be fall in like ten days or so—technically it’s still summer, but anyway. While summer is my favorite season overall, fall is my favorite season to get dressed for: the sweaters, the coats, the layers, the jackets, the boots, the accessories! But sometimes shopping for a new season can get a little overwhelming—either you buy way too much or you buy nothing because you’re so overwhelmed with the choices out there. Now while our personal styles will of course differ, I’m here to help you try to narrow things down.

What to Buy:

This is of course assuming you don’t already have these items in your closet. The idea here is mostly to pick classics that fit your personal style that can be worn over and over not only this season but for years to come. My goal isn’t to make your closet overflow with clothing because that actually is a recipe for making it harder for you to get dressed AND can also lead to overspending. See how I reduced my spending on clothes and makeup.

Statement Belts:

statement belts for fall

In my latest fashion haul on my Youtube channel (ahem, SUBSCRIBE if you haven’t already, thank you very much), I bought TWO statement belts. You need at least one in your closet especially to revamp your classic pieces and to bring life to your wardrobe. A good statement belt can be worn with dresses, skirts, jackets, coats, etc. and can help take something inexpensive and make it look like FASHION.

SHOP STATEMENT BELTS IN THE WIDGET BELOW: (keep scrolling by hitting the arrow on the right as there are more than these eight options included)

Over the Knee Boots:

over the knee boots

An over the knee boot makes a statement without saying a word! Pair these with skirts, dresses, jeans or leggings; get them in flats or sky high heels; get something classic or get something avant garde. Best thing is OTK boots come in all price points.

SHOP OTK BOOTS IN THE WIDGET BELOW: (keep scrolling by hitting the arrow on the right as there are more than these eight options included)

A Statement Jacket:

fall statement jackets

This transition time right now where it’s technically still summer but cooling down calls for a light jacket. Use this opportunity to up your layering and fashion game with a statement jacket. Be it a denim jacket with ruffles, a bomber jacket with patches, or a bold-colored moto—your options are endless.

SHOP STATEMENT JACKETS IN THE WIDGET BELOW: (keep scrolling by hitting the arrow on the right as there are more than these eight options included)

A Statement Coat:

statement coats

Statement coats are one of my favorite things about the colder months. Go for a bright color, a fun texture, a cool silhouette, etc. Just be anything but basic when it comes to your outerwear.

Not in the budget right now to buy a new coat? Check out my Old Coat, New Looks post for SUPER easy ways to upgrade your outerwear.

SHOP STATEMENT COATS IN THE WIDGET BELOW: (keep scrolling by hitting the arrow on the right as there are more than these eight options included)

P.S. It’s still early, so expect to see even more statement coats soon!

A Layering Sweater:

fall sweaters

This is the season of sweaters! But to maximize your wardrobe from prior seasons, it’s a good idea to have a layering sweater—basically something you can wear on top of things like tees and tanks.

SHOP LAYERING SWEATERS IN THE WIDGET BELOW: (keep scrolling by hitting the arrow on the right as there are more than these eight options included)

What to Skip:

Ruffle Blouses/Cold Shoulder/Off the Shoulder:

ruffle off the shoulder cold shoulder blouses

Now I don’t have anything against these styles because I really love them all—I’m saying skip buying new ones. If you already have some cold or off the shoulder items already in your closet, continue to wear them and use them to layer underneath some of your fall staples.

Frayed/Ruffle Ankle Hem Jeans/Pants:

frayed hem jeans ruffle hem pants

Again, nothing against this style because I actually love it myself, but I say skip buying this right now because (especially if you live somewhere that has a climate similar to NYC this time of year), it’ll be too cold to wear it soon. And yes, you can wear it with boots but it’ll be snowing soon and who wants to get your frayed ankle hems all dirty? I say if you love the style, DIY the frayed hem on an old or very inexpensive pair of jeans.

And this isn’t it for my fall 2017 fashion coverage! Make sure you’re subscribed to the blog so you don’t miss a thing including my outfit posts :)

What will you be buying for fall 2017? Tell me in the comments!

Also check out what I’ve bought for fall in my latest fashion haul video on Youtube

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