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The $20 J. Crew Skirt I Wear ALL. THE. TIME. + My Self-Imposed Spending Rules


I’ve always LOVED clothes. I think my obsession started because I wore uniforms up until my senior year in high school. I went HAM buying clothes in college (it didn’t help that Roosevelt Field mall was mere MINUTES away from my college dorm at Hofstra) and in turn also went HAM on my credit card limits. I learned after having to work a job post-college that I didn’t love that I needed to really chill with my buying habits. I did a DEEP purge that almost made me want to shadow box myself. Like, DUDE—every single piece of clothing I wound up giving away was indicative of all the debt I had racked up. (Yeah, I could have had a big yard sale or posted everything up on eBay, but I was in a place where I just really needed to get rid of everything and donating was the fastest route). It took a while, but I finally learned my lesson about my clothing buying habits which brought me to a few rules I imposed on myself.


5 Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit


I love a little black (casual) dress because it takes very little effort to throw one on and style it with pieces in my closet. So a little black jumpsuit was of course a must-have for my wardrobe and busy lifestyle. I of course have owned jumpsuits before—but they were more of the dressier type. This jumpsuit I recently bought from ASOS (and is now just $27—get it here) is more casual but can easily be dressed up so it gives a ton of outfit possibilities.


Rocking a Bomber Jacket: 3 Ways + Fall Fashion Blogger Tour! #OutfitsInOctober


#OutfitsInOctober is still underway! Today we’re talking one of fall’s biggest trends, the bomber jacket.


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Shop Fall’s Flyest Skirts #OutfitsInOctober


My style is casual at heart, but I LOOOOOVE a cute flirty skirt. In fact many of my “going out” looks involve just that so I thought it would only be right to do a post on some of fall’s flyest skirts for #OutfitsInOctober.


My FAVE Moto Jacket + 5 Ways to Style It

hm Moto Jacket-2

So despite me having a GAZILLION fall-appropriate jackets (including one with a hood I got at a Zara sale a few months ago that still has the tag on it SMH), I have been in a routine with my current fave moto jacket. I can’t help it! It goes with everything from my gym clothes to my run-errand clothes to my going-out-somewhere clothes.


How to Snag Off Duty Style


If there is one term that could probably describe the way I dress to run errands or hit casual outings with friends, “off duty style” is definitely one. So when Hanes asked me to team up with them once again (I shot a super fun shoot for them with Nas last year—check it out here) I was already excited because they have some of the most comfy tees and undies (seriously, check out some of the cuteness here) but when they said the theme was Off Duty Style, I was all in.


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