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My Who What Wear x Target Collection Dress

danielleOutfits-5 smaller

I’ve been on a HUGE clothes shopping hiatus. Well, at least it seemed huge to me…lol. I’m guessing the 2016 election results hit me harder than I thought because I gained back the weight I lost AND I had ZERO budget to buy new clothes. Most of my cute stuff is feeling a bit smedium so I’ve been really creative when it comes to getting dressed. I did allow myself a few purchases though—one of which is this dress from the Who What Wear collection from Target.


FAB & FLY Sunglasses Under $20 (Including Céline Shadow-Inspired Pairs)

designer knockoff sunglasses

NO clue why I’m in such a rush, but I’ve been thinking about fall fashion HEAVILY lately. I’ve been browsing through 80s NYC street style photos from famed photographer Jamel Shabazz (I’m even going to his exhibit at the Studio Museum—thanks to Monroe Steele‘s Harlem Guide post) and getting SUPER inspired for my fall wardrobe. If I had to summarize my fall style aesthetic in a few words, it would be “I don’t really have much money right now, but I’m still gonna be outchea.”


Restyling My Fave Trench for Early Spring

style trench for spring danielle3Spring-11

I bought this trench from Monki in Stockholm last summer during their July sale. I think I paid maybe $20-30 for it though I was originally eyeing it on ASOS for over $100 before I spotted it in Monki. I also wore it in this style post last fall. I. LOVE. THIS. TRENCH. I made a boo boo when I first got it home and burned the bottom of it when I ironed it because it was super wrinkled from being in my suitcase. I like to pretend the iron burn isn’t there so if you somehow spot it in these pics, pretend like you don’t see it, too…lol.


Black Friday & Cyber Monday Fashion and Beauty Deals


UPDATE 11/28/16 at 12:59 A.M. EST: I updated this post to add some of the new Cyber Monday deals I heard. Some brands don’t announce Cyber Monday deals until after Black Friday and sometimes it may make sense to wait until Cyber Monday to see if you can get some extra savings. Other times—especially with items that could sell out, it may be worth it to just grab it when you can. It’s a gamble either way.

This year I decided to go the short and sweet route with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals—this time I’m picking brands I typically shop with and also wanted to highlight some of my favorite Black-owned businesses. Keep checking back in as I’ll update this post as I hear about more deals. Happy shopping! Let me know what you get :)


My “Luxe for LESS” Gift Guide


If you follow me on Snapchat, you’ll know I was in the holiday spirit early this year. SUPER early. In fact, I had a Christmas tree in my office with lights and everything before Halloween even hit. I’m usually not this Christmas-y so early—I typically can wait until after Thanksgiving or at least the first week in December before I start putting “All I Want for Christmas” on repeat, but 2016 has been such an overall crummy year that I needed to break out the holly and jolly early.


The $20 J. Crew Skirt I Wear ALL. THE. TIME. + My Self-Imposed Spending Rules


I’ve always LOVED clothes. I think my obsession started because I wore uniforms up until my senior year in high school. I went HAM buying clothes in college (it didn’t help that Roosevelt Field mall was mere MINUTES away from my college dorm at Hofstra) and in turn also went HAM on my credit card limits. I learned after having to work a job post-college that I didn’t love that I needed to really chill with my buying habits. I did a DEEP purge that almost made me want to shadow box myself. Like, DUDE—every single piece of clothing I wound up giving away was indicative of all the debt I had racked up. (Yeah, I could have had a big yard sale or posted everything up on eBay, but I was in a place where I just really needed to get rid of everything and donating was the fastest route). It took a while, but I finally learned my lesson about my clothing buying habits which brought me to a few rules I imposed on myself.