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CUTE Flat Sandals for Summer that MIGHT Be Comfy!


So many amazing things happen once you hit south of 30: you start to care less and less about what other people think, your confidence levels soar, you feel more secure in your adulthood. But some other things happen that may not be so amazing: facial hair, BILLS, and ohmygoodness ACHES and PAINS. Every morning I wake up and cringe in the bed for like two minutes thinking of what’s going to ache today. Perhaps it’s just me because I also got injured in an accident in my 20s, but my goodness why must things hurt so often…lol.


Wear this to Work Tomorrow: Shorts in the Office!

shorts work outfit

YES, you CAN wear shorts to the office. Unless your dress code specifically says you can’t wear shorts, then don’t try it. But check your office dress code. Don’t come emailing me saying you got sent home because I said you can wear shorts to the office…lol.


How to: Summer to Fall Fashion Transition {Video}

summer to fall fashion transition

This is that really weird time where it’s technically still summer, but the weather is kinda fall—but sometimes it’s hot and then other times it’s cool. Basically CONFUSING as all get out…lol. So if you have NO clue how to transition some of your summer faves into fall, I’m here to give you some ideas :)


How to Get a Sporty Chic Beach Look for Under $100 {Pics + Video}


It’s summer time, ya’ll! This is by far my FAVORITE season. And within reason: cookouts, beach runs, long carefree days, warm weather, and of course short shorts and other summer fashions. I say this a lot but I seriously endure nine months of womp-womp weather in NYC JUST for NYC summer…lol. But now I’m on a special mission as part of the Burlington Style Squad™. That mission? To find a cute summer look at Burlington for $100 or less. Never one to turn down a challenge I hit the Union Square store as well as the Five Towns store in search of pieces to fit my sporty chic beach theme.


What I Wore in Grenada + Why You Should Pack Very Little

Tnemnroda sunglasses

So initially I started out with VERY little clothes packed (okay—very little for me) for Grenada and then at the last second I threw mad extra shorts and tops in my suitcase “just in case.” This trip was a bit challenging to pack for because I did two weeks in Georgia with my family and then headed straight to Grenada from Atlanta so I had to pack for both winter and summer since I’d essentially be out of NYC for four weeks. Going to ATL from NYC wasn’t so bad because I got a good deal on a first class flight that allowed me to check three bags for free (had to bring stuff for the family in an extra bag), but going from ATL to Grenada and then Grenada to NYC due to new pricing on checked baggage from destinations in some parts of the Caribbean, your first checked bag is already $25. Gone are the days where your first bag at least was free on an international flight depending on your destination. I find this to be very annoying because as anyone of Caribbean descent knows, outside of what you send in a barrel, you typically go back home with PLENTY in your grip (suitcase)…lol.


My Style: Borrowing From the Boys (Again)

black fashion style blogger Danielle celine shadow sunglasses h&m mens White Shorts black crop tank

A few months ago I had to seriously stop myself from going straight for the men’s section when I go shopping…lol. I did okay for a bit, but then I kinda peeked one time and found some cool pieces at H&M men’s. Being a tall girl with plenty boobs and thighs who also likes a more downtown-y feel when it comes to clothing, sometimes the men’s section is the BEST place to find staples like sweatshirts whose sleeves actually go beyond my wrists, pants and shorts that hang the way I want them to, and actual boyfriend-fitting jackets. But because I might have a body more fitting for bodycon this and bodycon that (which is okay occasionally but I prefer to be more downtown), sometimes too much menswear can stifle my womanly parts. So to make sure there’s balance in my outfits (because you always need balance), I’ll mix in a girly piece.