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Wear this to Work Tomorrow: Summer Vibes

summer work outfit idea

Happy Wear to Work Wednesday, ya’ll!

Summer can be a little interesting to dress for in some office spaces. Your office might institute a summer casual policy, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can get all lax with the dress code.

(Sidenote: over a decade ago I worked at an investment company and was interviewing applicants for an assistant position and one girl rolled through with flip-flops on. If only I had this blog back then…lol)

Here’s One Way to Break Into Fashion…

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As someone who left a career in finance to start my own career in the fashion and beauty industry, I often get asked what the keys to my success are. First success is VERY subjective—to me success comes from being able to truly be happy and do something you love—once you have that I feel everything else will fall into place. I’m a big believer in surrounding yourself in positive and nurturing environments and people—doing so helps you realize so many of your dreams and goals. But other than that of course there’s the actual work involved—you can’t just dream up a rewarding career and then you get it—you also have to actively work towards it. I may not have been fully fulfilled in my finanical services career but I credit it with giving me the stepping stones to getting me where I am today and where I will be tomorrow.


Wear to Work Wednesday on a Thursday (Because I Thought Yesterday Was Tuesday SMH)

stylish work outfit pre fall

My bad—since Monday was a holiday, my whole week is thrown off so Wear to Work Wednesday this week is a day late. I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive me…lol.


Wear This to Work Tomorrow

A printed shift dress (like this one by Walter Baker) is a must-have for your work wardrobe. It can easily be dressed up or dressed down in ways that don’t require you to think much (perfect for mornings where you constantly hit the snooze button). Instead of pairing it with predictable pumps, take the stylish route with ankle booties and finish off the look with a leather bracelet and statement bag.


Wear This to Work Tomorrow

You know just because I wear my pajamas to work (I work from home and my commute is literally roll out of bed and walk like 10 feet to the computer…lol), doesn’t mean I can’t help you with stylish work outfits no matter what type of industry you work in. You can check out all work wardrobe related posts here.

Fashion at work is so important because I remember dressing exactly the way I felt when I did work in an office. If I felt dumpy and tired, I dressed dumpy and tired. If I felt like I was ready to make some sales, I wore something fitted…lol. Dressing well for work brings up morale I believe—so who cares if you’re not in the “ideal” job. Dress like you’re at your dream job ;)


Stylish (and Affordable) Casual Outfit Ideas for Work or Play

If you work where a more casual wardrobe is the norm or if you’re looking for casual outfit ideas, this post’s for you! Sometimes it’s easy to get a little too casual, so to keep things in line, here’s some stylish AND affordable looks to try out tomorrow. And as with all looks I put together, there’s options for plus sizes, too.

Check it out…