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Wear this to Work Tomorrow: Touches of Spring

bell sleeve top pencil skirt trench work outfit idea

Happy Wear to Work Wednesday!

Yeah, it’s still winter but this week’s Fashion at Work inspo has touches of spring you can get into now. If it’s not quite warm enough where you live to indulge in the full outfit, you can get into elements of it like this SUPER fly metallic tassel bag.


Wear this to Work Tomorrow: Structured Basics

structured basics work look

Hey ya’ll!

Happy Wear to Work Wednesday!!!

This week’s look is all about structured basics—which may or may not be a term I just made up…lol. Basically what I mean by it is basic work pieces (i.e. a blouse, pencil skirt, cardigan, etc.) that through its details offers you a more structured look. I also sometimes call these “fashion” basics, but I love pieces like this because much like their plainer counterparts they can be worn a gazillion ways with a gazillion different things, but you get a way more fashion-forward look.


Wear this to Work Tomorrow: The Stylish “Suit”

stylish suit work outfit idea

Happy Wear to Work Wednesday!!!

So I have suit in quotes here because this week’s Fashion at Work inspo isn’t a suit in the traditional sense of the word—these pieces didn’t come together—they’re not even sold at the same stores…lol. But this was a fashionable nod to the work suit and goes to show you can really mix things up with your work wardrobe if you maximize your pieces.


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Wear this to Work Tomorrow: Grey, Poppy, and WARM


Happy first Wear to Work Wednesday post of the new year! These colder months can be tough because you might be super tempted to forsake looking fashionable for being warm. But what if I told you that you could do…BOTH?!?!


What to Wear to the Holiday Office Party + What NOT to Do


Ah, the holiday office party. They can be a fun opportunity to network with the higher ups in your company, but they can also be a source of anxiety especially if you’re newer to the workforce. I’ve had my fair share of holiday office parties and picked up a thing or two about party etiquette over the years. Watch the video below for my tips on what NOT to do and get some ideas on what to wear. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel. I’ve already hooked you up with series like my Makeup 101 series, skincare demos, and fashion but stay tuned for more wardrobe hacks, adulting, and other fun video series in the near future!