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Wear this to Work Tomorrow: Statement Skirt

blouse and skirt work outfit idea

Happy Wear to Work Wednesday, ya’ll!

This week’s look takes on the simple blouse + skirt look but takes it to another level with statement-making pieces. I love a good statement skirt, especially one that can be worn a gazillion times and styled so many ways. Another great thing about pieces like this is that you can give them extra mileage by wearing them when you’re off duty.


Wear this to Work Tomorrow: Fall Transition Like a Boss

wear to work fall transition outfit idea

September in NYC can be funny. It might also be funny in other cities, but I am talking what I know from experience…lol. Anyway, in some Septembers we’ve seen temps that are much more humid and hot than it was the entire summer. Some Septembers we’ve seen mild temperatures pretty early on. Or like this September it starts out cool and then out of nowhere we’re back in the 80s. How’s a girl supposed to dress for this?!?!


Wear This to Work Tomorrow: Grey + Leopard

grey ruffle shirt with grey trouser and leopard print pumps work outfit idea

Happy Wear to Work Wednesday, ya’ll!

My Fashion at Work segment was on a bit of a hiatus during summer, but we’re baaaaack. This week we’re going for one of my favorite color “combos:” grey-on-grey…lol. To mix it up a bit I added in some super cute leopard pumps, but I’ll also include some leopard flats in the widget below for you to shop.


Wear this to Work Tomorrow: Summer Vibes

summer work outfit idea

Happy Wear to Work Wednesday, ya’ll!

Summer can be a little interesting to dress for in some office spaces. Your office might institute a summer casual policy, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can get all lax with the dress code.

(Sidenote: over a decade ago I worked at an investment company and was interviewing applicants for an assistant position and one girl rolled through with flip-flops on. If only I had this blog back then…lol)

Wear this to Work Tomorrow: The Shift Dress + FAB Accessories

shift dress work outfit idea

Happy Wear to Work Wednesday, ya’ll!

This week’s Fashion at Work outfit inspiration takes something as simple as a solid shift (or sheath!) dress and elevates it with FAB accessories. One thing I think almost every wardrobe needs is a stylish wide belt—even if you don’t wind up wearing it often you’ll find some outfit that needs it. Hence this week’s look!

Wear this to Work Tomorrow: Office-Appropriate Summer Dress

summer dress work outfit

Happy Wear to Work Wednesday!

So one workwear dilemma that can come up as the temps rise is finding a dress that 1. won’t get you a dress code violation 2. won’t feel stuffy when you’re out in the humidity but also won’t make you an icicle under the office AC and 3. is cute as all get out. (more…)